Black Friday 2020 with Gronk Fitness

Stay healthy this season with Gronk Fitness. 


2020 has been rough times for everyone so we’re having a blowout sale this Black Friday.

Together, we’ll get you ready to hit the gym in the new year and start checking off those resolutions!

Black Friday at Gronk Fitness


Key Benefits

Retail Price

Sale Price


Go Retro with the Bluetooth Speaker of 2020

Ultra - $199

Flare6 - $259

Flare8 - $359

Retro Pager - $79


10% off with code BUMPBOXX10

Inertia Wave

The most intense HIIT workout of your life



Jacob’s Ladder

Bring this pro athlete’s secret comes to your home gym



Gronk Edition IronAx XP1 Power Rack 

A beast that can accommodate up to 700 lbs.



Best Fitness FID Bench

Versatility meets high functionality for the best fitness folding bench that lives up to its name



Crash Cushion 

The workout partner you’ve always wanted.



Xtreme Monkey Medicine Ball Rebounder

Abs, core and interval training for fully customizable workouts



Gronk Fitness Athletic Wipes

Keep it fresh in the gym and everywhere else they may be mistletoe



Gronk Fitness Speed Rope

Get a better workout in one-third of the time of a traditional jog.



Beachbody products

A carefully curated line of multi-faceted fitness equipment

$12.99 - $69.80

$4.99 - $49.99


Did you know there is an official scientific correlation between fitness and music?

When stocking your home gym this season, don’t forget about this retro boombox that is built for sound you can feel in your bones for a completely immersive experience that matches the intensity of your workouts. 

Black Friday Sales Price: 10% off with code BUMPBOXX10

Inertia Wave 

It’s the full-body, low-impact workout that your body craves - with results you’ll have to see to believe. 

Regular Sales Price: $124

Black Friday Sales Price: $100

Jacob’s Ladder

This non-motorized powerhouse delivers full-body cardio and strength so you burn way more calories in half the time. Complete with a 40-degree angle, you have the added benefit of digital feedback when connected to a power source. 

Regular Sales Price: $3,999.99

Black Friday Sales Price: $3,799.99

Gronk Edition IronAx XP1 Power Rack

IronAx XP1 Power Rack from Gronk Fitness

Finally, a power rack that can keep up with you, allowing for 700 pounds to create the perfect entry-level rack you need for your home gym.

Regular Sales Price: $799

Black Friday Sales Price: $569

Best Fitness FID Bench

Best Fitness FID Bench courtesy of Gronk Fitness

Take your pick of a flat, incline or decline bench because the Best Fitness FID Bench does it all.

Regular Sales Price: $253.99

Black Friday Sales Price: $179.99

Crash Cushion

Gronk Fitness Crash Cushions

This a noise-dampening pad reduces sound and stamps out vibration for better management, to keep your focus on getting a killer workout.

Regular Sales Price: $299.99

Black Friday Sales Price: $259.99

Xtreme Monkey Medicine Ball Rebounder

Beachbody Medicine Ball courtesy of Gronk Fitness

Switch up your usual workout with the addition of a medicine ball you can hold or toss to build muscle and advance your workout.  

Regular Sales Price: $399.99

Black Friday Sales Price: $359.99

Gronk Fitness Athletic Wipes

Gronk Fitness Wipes

Whether it’s at home or on the go, we can all use a quick cleaning sometime.  Reward yourself with these indulgent wipes to keep you fresh and so clean before, after and during your workout. We especially like to use them on our exercise bike and elliptical.

Alcohol-free, biodegradable and unscented deodorizing wipes.

Regular Sales Price: $14.99

Black Friday Sales Price: $9.99

Gronk Fitness Speed Rope

Gronk Fitness Speed Rope

Choose versatility with this speed jump rope that’s made for the outdoors.

Regular Sales Price: $22.99

Black Friday Sales Price: $2.99

Beachbody products

Beachbody Fitness now available at Gronk Fitness

Enjoy a fully comprehensive suite of fitness products designed to keep you on top of your game, both in and out of the gym.


Key Benefits


BB Fitness Beachbody INSANITY: THE ASYLUM - Speed Rope

A three-pronged approach to fitness that improves foot speed, agility and endurance


Now $6.99

BB Fitness Beachbody Core Comfort Mat

Plush and comfort-driven to protect your back and joints during the most punishing workouts


Now $12.47

BB Fitness Beachbody Premium Fitness Mat 

High-impact results without high-impact injuries


Now $49.99

BB Fitness Beachbody Weight Lifting Gloves

Breathable mesh keeps your focus on your workout, not your uncomfortable gloves


Now $4.99

BB Fitness Beachbody Variable-Resistance Punchbag PT Sandbag

Built to sculpt and tone using weighted resistance with a fully-adjustable design


Now $19.99

BB Fitness Beachbody Hanging AB Straps

Traditional crunches will never give you this kind of ab toning


Now $12.99

BB Fitness Beachbody Premium Stability Ball 

Get the support you need for maximum results


Now $6.99

BB Fitness Beachbody Medicine Ball (8 lbs) 

Sturdy reliability for the ultimate ab sculpting tool


Now $12.99

BB Fitness Beachbody Weighted Wristbands (1 lb)

Take your workouts to the next level with soft, comfortable aerobic weights


Now $6.99

The bottom line

Get healthy with Black Friday sales at Gronk Fitness

Fitness is what will help keep you healthy during coronavirus, so now is the time to make those changes for a healthier lifestyle. 

With this year’s Black Friday 2020 sales at Gronk Fitness, it’s easier and more affordable than ever to get into shape and put your health first in the new year and beyond.

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