About Us

The Beginning

Rob Gronkowski and his four brothers did not become professional athletes off pure talent. They pushed themselves as hard as they could to get the most out of themselves. The secret formula was that the Gronk’s father owned fitness retail stores: livefit.com. He supplied his boys with the quality equipment they needed to become bigger, faster, stronger and more explosive. Talk to any of the Gronks and they will attribute a lot of their success to the equipment they had access to. 


Why Gronk Fitness?

Take Papa Gronk's 25 years experience in the fitness industry and couple that together with the Gronk boys using the best sports performance equipment their whole lives. The Gronks know fitness and they are bringing the best sports performance products to you. The equipment that is going to make you bigger, faster, stronger and more explosive.  

Commercial Grade

Gronk Fitness Products are commercial grade quality. This isn’t your rinky-dink standard fitness accessory. These products are battle tested by the best athletes in the world.   Push sleds, battler ropes, plyo boxes, squat racks, 2000lb test bars and more. The Gronks have put together a lineup that will only expand. A lineup that is built for you to improve your game at a gym or at your home. Gronk Fitness Products – Become Explosive