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It's A Mindset

Rob Gronkowski

Rob Gronkowski

The Gronk

Originally from Buffalo, NY, Rob committed to the University of Arizona for the pool parties and the football program.  The notorious party boy and Super Bowl XLIX Champion currently plays Tight End for the New England Patriots.  

Growing up lifting weights and training with his older brothers that went pro, Rob quickly developed the Gronkowski mindset of hard work, dedication and grind to succeed on and off the field.

Together the Gronkowski family is on a mission to lead the future of fitness by inspiring and developing the Gronkowski mindset to former athletes through functional training.

"Establish the mindset that you cannot be stopped."

Chris Gronkowski

Chris Gronkowski

The Sleeper

After playing high school football in Buffalo, NY, Chris went on to play at the University of Maryland with his older brother, Dan.  After two years, Chris transferred to the University of Arizona alongside Rob to play linebacker and fullback.  Chris went on to play in the NFL for the Dallas Cowboys, Indianapolis Colts, Denver Broncos, San Diego Chargers.

Currently, Chris is the strongest of the 5 bros and best belief he consistently reminds them.



"Chase the person you want to become."

Glenn Gronkowski

Glenn Gronkowski


The youngest Gronkowski, Glenn Gronkowski, played football at Kansas State University and currently plays for the Buffalo Bills as a Fullback.

Glenn's strategy is utilizing his high football IQ and brute force to knock-down opponents.  As both a pass catcher and a physical run blocker, Glenn focuses on powering through Sled Workouts, body endurance from battle ropes and hip flexibility using the Gronk Stretch Trainer. 




"Rob did it."

Dan Gronkowski

Dan Gronkowski

The Brains

Due to his dedication, speed and football IQ, Dan paved the way to the families first DI football scholarship.  Dan played at the University of Maryland and graduated with an MBA... all before the Detroit Lions called his name to be a Tight End in 2009.

After a career in the NFL playing for the Detroit Lions, Denver Broncos, New England Patriots, and Cleveland Browns, Dan became obsessed with helping other athletes transition into life after sports.



"Empty gyms are full of opportunity."

Gordie Gronkowski, Jr.

Gordie Gronkowski, Jr.


He maybe the oldest Gronkowski, but he is definitely still a kid at heart.  Gord is the one that organizes the parties and brings the energy.  As a former baseball player at Jacksonville University, Gordie Jr. was drafted by the Los Angeles Angels, in which he played in the minors for 6 years.

Currently, Gordie leads the Gronk Fitness drive in Boston.  He organizes and installs gyms of all sizes to spread the Gronkowski mission through carefully curating the perfect assortment of Gronk Fitness equipment.


"Where's the gym? Where's the chick's?"

Papa Gronkowski

Papa Gronkowski

The Creator

Father of 5 professional athletes, Papa Gronk developed the mentality for his boys to win.  A household full of rambunctious competitive boys, with only one rule: if you started something, you had to finish it.  

A Syracuse University football alum and President of G&G Fitness Equipment, Gordy is the Fitness Guru that through lifting taught his boys how to be physically and mentally dominant.



"Don't come down here just to throw weight on and be an idiot and show off for a girl."