The Top Benefits of Listening to Music During Your Workout

It’s a new world out there.

People are working out smarter and even harder right from their very own homes. 

The coronavirus pandemic suddenly transformed living rooms and dusty guest rooms into hopeful home gyms and burgeoning at-home fitness centers. 

In the rush to buy all of your favorite Gronk Fitness equipment, don’t forget about the right speaker. 

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            A speaker from Bumpboxx will take your fitness to new levels and all from the power of music.

            Music motivates the body and distracts the mind so you can work harder, faster and better than ever before. 

            Here’s the science.

            How Music Can Improve Your Workout

            Gronk Fitness Presents Bumpboxx Bluetooth Speakers now available on Amazon

            There’s an undeniable correlation between music and fitness. 

            Music has been proven to kick your body into high gear, so you receive maximized results. 

            Playing music during your workout was what researchers call an “ergo-genic effect.” By holding your attention, it distracts from the strenuous activity at hand. 

            Men especially have been found to find extra motivation when working out to music. 

            Not only does music empower you to get a better workout with better results, but it also serves as the perfect distraction, so you are less aware of the physical strain on your body. 

            The Power of Memory

            Everyone has their favorite song, and more often than not, there is a memory that accompanies those familiar notes. 

            Perhaps, it was a song played at your Homecoming football game, or it could be the soundtrack from a favorite movie. Many athletes are also affected by particularly memorable soundtracks - think Rocky

            The memory of victory can be enough to give you that extra push when otherwise you might not be able to persevere.

            Many athletes are also affected by particularly memorable soundtracks. Just ask the pros. 

            Gronk loves anything by Flo Rida, while teammate Tom Brady and Lebron James prefer Jay-Z.

            Tony Hawk famously jams Nine Inch Nails when skating, while Ronda Rousey opts for Deadmau5, and Mojo Rawley prefers some Toto outside of the ring.

            Before hitting the field, Peyton Manning used to play “Stroke Me” by Billy Squier, while RG3 is known for his acapella locker room performances of “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen. 

            With this kind of overwhelming celebrity endorsement, there’s no denying the facts.

            The power of a good song can change your entire mood and mindset.

            Enjoyable Distraction

            Gronk Fitness Presents Bumpboxx Bluetooth Speakers now available at Amazon

            Your body’s physiological response is already primed to respond to music with its natural response to sound. 

            Incoming sound waves create tiny, imperceptible vibrations, which are processed by different parts of your brain. This creates feelings of pleasure that can overwhelm and supersede the rigor of your activity. 

            When you lose yourself in music, the mental distraction is enough to preoccupy the brain from the work at hand.

            Music proves to be a distraction that can make you work harder without you even being aware that you are doing so. 

            Scientists at the University of Verona found that while the body worked harder to music, the participants all reported feeling less exertion. 

            Music gives us the workout we all want - one that’s tough and effective but doesn’t feel strenuous. 

            By delaying those feelings of fatigue, you don’t feel the strain or pain as much as you would without it. This means you can work harder for even faster, better results than you would receive without music.

            Improve Your Skills 

            We all know that the shower can be a spectacular source of new ideas, but music is another way to tap into a fountain of unleashed creativity and ideas. 

            Researchers at Pelagia Research Library studied the impact of music on female swimmers and found that music was an influential factor in athletic performance and success. 

            “Music can improve the psychological state of athletes and create positive ideas,” write researchers.

            With the music serving as a distraction, athletes were able to maintain a more lucid state of mind that focused less on the task at hand and more on other cognitive and creative outlets.

            Another study focused specifically on seniors. It found that music reduced the number of accidental falls by 54 percent, and that’s not all. 

            Exercising to music significantly improves both your gait and balance. 

            Regardless of your age, music can offer significant health benefits that last far beyond your workout and provide a much healthier lifestyle.

            Better Performance

            Gronk Fitness Presents Bumpboxx Bluetooth Speakers now available on Amazon

            Upbeat music creates an increase in heart rate that results in peak power output. When paired with higher levels of motivation, it makes for a fitness experience unlike any other.

            A study from Frontiers in Psychology refers to “entrainment,” which is when the brain matches the body’s movements to the music that is being played. 

            The increase in activity creates a higher heart rate, and the body can enjoy a more consistent workout.

            Faster-paced music has been proven particularly more effective than slower music. 

            New studies show that music with over 170 beats per minute naturally creates more effort from the body. 

            This is especially great if you happen to favor cardiac-rhythm workouts that incorporate rhythmic, fluid movement with the thumping intensity of your favorite high-energy tunes. 

            When you work out, try to choose music that is upbeat and matches the energy levels of your workout. 

            How BumpBoxx Makes Your Workout Better

            Endorsed by over 300 A-List celebrities, a Bumpboxx Bluetooth Speaker is the premier workout buddy you need before your next visit to the gym. 

            Built tough to withstand your workouts, Bumpboxx Bluetooth Speakers are a worthy companion that will set your workouts on fire with the incredible intensity of its audio quality.

            Bumpboxx delivers booming bass and sparkling clarity for a fully immersive listening experience that will transform your workouts.

            Benefits of Bumpboxx
            • Bluetooth pairing for easy workouts on the go 
            • Remote capability means you don't disrupt your workout looking for the right song
            • Carry strap included
            • 6 color choices to match your energy and personality
            • One year warranty with thirty-day returns

            As at-home workouts become more and more prevalent in a post-COVID-19 world, you need the right speaker that can still summon your inner Hulk. 

            There is no denying that music can create a better, harder and faster workout for your home fitness. 

            Athletes simply perform better when there is music present. 

            Bumpboxx is a must for your favorite playlist, and it’s excellent for live workouts, too. 

            Make your own playlists or use Rob’s #GronkAwesome Workout Playlist to instantly feel the difference that the power of a great song can create.

            Gronk Fitness Presents Bumpboxx Bluetooth Speakers now available on Amazon

            Now, it’s only a matter of which one is best for you. 

            Transform your workouts today! 

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