Gronk Fitness Inertia Wave: 5 Reasons Why Ours Really is Better than Yours

To find the best, you must look to the best, and while we may be slightly biased, it cannot be denied that our man Gronk knows a thing or two about personal fitness. 

When asked what helps him keep in shape in his new post-NFL life, he says without missing a beat, “Products like the Inertia Wave Bands.” 

These colorful, surprisingly durable ropes are what Gronk calls his “favorite new product,” and it’s no wonder why. This is no ordinary gym equipment. 

In one product, you can slay your gym goals and achieve better fitness and health with the body you’ve always wanted. 

Here is why the Inertia Wave is Gronk’s must-have in the gym and why it will soon become yours, too.


1. Get a Better Workout.

Rob, a longtime TB12 fan, fell in love with the Inertia Wave for its adaptability. This is a device designed to shred excess fat while maintaining and building muscle. 

It gives a whole-body workout that is far superior to double-under jump rope, putting your old workouts to shame. Battle ropes just don’t engage your core in the same way.

The Gronk Fitness Inertia Wave delivers a unique, trademark blend of metabolic conditioning (MetCon), High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), and aerobic activity.

The Inertia Wave specifically targets your musculoskeletal system as you work against the inertia of the ropes. The rhythmic movement works with you rather than against you, giving you smoother movements in a completely customized workout. The resistance is adjustable, so the ropes grow with you as your ability improves. 

The Gronk Fitness Inertia Wave has also been shown to improve your cognitive skills. Users demonstrate a pronounced improvement in hand-eye coordination, a must for many athletes and professionals.

Even when your workout is over, you still continue to metabolically burn fat for the next 24 hours long after your workout is over.

Gronk Fitness Inertia Wave kicks your metabolism into high gear, so you continue to burn calories long after the ropes have been put away.

Gronk Fitness Inertia Wave vs. Traditional Battle Ropes:

2. Enjoy Greater Versatility

It isn’t always easy to find a product that works for you, but the Inertia Wave offers a versatility that is missing from other fitness equipment today. 

Most gym equipment isn’t safe to use alone, forcing you into the gym and making your workout a social one. The Inertia Wave is different, with an anchored HIIT training device specifically engineered for safe, reliable, and efficient solo use. 

Better yet, the resistance is easy to control, so you can design a workout that works best for your body and fitness level.

The Gronk Fitness Inertia Wave easily accommodates your High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) regimen and Tabata workouts.

Say goodbye to your old, boring workout, because it takes a creative approach to
fitness through its multiple uses. The trademark seven methods of use not only guide you in proper usage but also demonstrate its many capabilities.  

Inertia Wave keeps it fresh to always ensure you receive a creative, challenging, and well-rounded workout. 

3. Safety is a Priority

For a long time, HIIT meant that you had to suffer from extreme tension and pressure. Over time, these kinds of workouts can have significant bearing on your muscles, tendons, joints, and overall health. It’s not just HIIT workouts, either. 

Treadmills are the leading cause of workout-related hospital visits; running and general exercise are to blame for one in three non-equipment-related visits. 

Women visit the hospital the most for knee and ankle pain, while men are most commonly affected by injuries to the upper and lower extremities. 

With its proven seven methods of use, the Gronk Fitness Inertia Wave is a safer alternative. It’s designed to allow for smoother movements, exerting less stress on your body without sacrificing your workout.

Rob explains, “They are better for you because they are low impact and make you engage so many muscles in your body.”

With solid steel construction, the Inertia Wave also features a double-reinforced O-ring for anchoring and a carabiner built to withstand over 600 pounds of torque. There are comfortable wrist straps with secure nylon rail straps for anchoring.

The ropes don’t fray or fall apart like battle ropes, and they are easy to use, so there is a lower risk of misuse and injury.

To ensure a long life of comfort and longevity, you need to use responsible practices for your health and fitness. 

That begins with the Gronk Fitness Inertia Wave.

 4. Portable

Traveling is hard enough without having to worry about a local gym that can accommodate your workout, and with TSA’s ever-tightening grip on travel regulations, you can’t always take your equipment with you - until now.

The Inertia Wave Gronk Fitness Edition weighs less than 3 pounds, so it's easy to stay prepared no matter where you are. 

There is no extra equipment or accessories needed -  just grab it and go. Anchor it to your bedroom door, take it to the hotel gym, or hook it to the trunk of your car for a sunset workout on the beach. When you’re done, breakdown takes seconds. 

Made of durable materials, the Gronk Fitness Inertia Wave is travel-tough and built for a life on the road.

The 10’ cords are lightweight enough to be portable but strong enough to handle powerful wave oscillations and heavy aerobic load. Designed for both portable and stationary metabolic training, now you don't have to alter your workouts when you're on the road or otherwise away from your home gym. 

Wherever you are, the Gronk Fitness Inertia Wave just works. 

Rob travels a lot, so he needs something that can fit his busy lifestyle.

5. A Cheaper, but Smarter, Alternative.

You don’t need to be a celebrity trainer or have a state-of-the-art fitness center like the pros do. You just need the right equipment without spending a fortune on things you don’t need.

The average gym membership costs $660 a year, and personal trainers can cost thousands more. If you choose a specialty studio like Pure Barre, you’re stuck paying a lot more for a limited workout.

You could try to stock the home gym, but cardio machines like ellipticals and treadmills can run well into the hundreds and even thousands of dollars depending on which model you buy. 

Worse? Seventy percent of these purchases and expenses go largely unused. 

2020 Average Fitness Costs

Gronk Fitness Inertia Wave

Fitness Equipment

Gym Memberships (per year)


Rowing Machine - $400

Barbells - $100 - $1,500

Elliptical - $1,500

Treadmill $3,000

XSport Fitness - $480

LA Fitness - $500+

Lifetime Fitness - $864

Crossfit - $1860

Orangetheory Premier -  $3,348 

The Gronk Fitness Inertia Wave costs $100

The Inertia Wave has already won over fans, including the U.S. Army, Marines, and Air Force, the Los Angeles Lakers, Washington Redskins, New Orleans Saints, Chicago Bears, Mamba Sports Academy, and the United States Olympics team.

With all of life’s demands, we don't always have the funds to splurge on fitness, but there is a different solution.

At just a fraction of the cost of pricey gym memberships, the Gronk Fitness Inertia Wave ensures a consistent, long-term workout without the risk of serious injury from other machines.

You need to use equipment you can trust for a safe but effective workout you can depend on. With Gronk Fitness, there’s no question that these products are tested and approved by some of the most respected names in the sports and fitness arena. 

“My family and I have been in the fitness industry for a long time,” Rob explains to The Men’s Journal, “so we know what good products are and what works.”

The Inertia Wave delivers better health and better living, so you have more time and money for the things that matter most in life - today and tomorrow.


Get started today!

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