New Year's Resolutions with Gronk Fitness

Your Home Gym Starter Kit 2021

Despite their best efforts, public gyms can only protect you so much. 

Sanitation and hygiene still remain a serious concern, with many gyms struggling to maintain the discerning sterilization and hygiene processes. 

That’s why a home gym can be the perfect solution to keeping your entire family safe while still meeting those New Year’s resolutions for 2021.

The importance of health & fitness in 2021

  • Elevated emphasis on health and wellness to protect people worldwide from the clutches of coronavirus
  • Apps and digital media make it easier than ever to keep up with your favorite workout routines and classes from the comfort of your own home.
  • An excellent way for stress relief and a way to beat that cabin fever

How to build your home gym with Gronk Fitness

It’s important to have the equipment you need in a safe, protected place, and there’s no better place than home. If you have to travel, many Gronk Fitness products are also built for travel. 

The Gronk Fitness home gym starter kit is built for you so it’s customized to you. 

We help you take your health into your own hands, commanding your fitness with a series of proven, tested and performance-driven fitness equipment to exceed those 2021 resolutions this year.

The top 10 home gym equipment for 2021

 The Echelon Bike

New to our site and now on sale!

New Year's Resolutions with Gronk Fitness

Bring the digital world to your workout with these Echelon bikes.

These bikes Integrate the live studio fitness trend of 2020, allowing you the option to ride solo or go live to join other members of the global Echelon community. Encourage and compete as you climb the leaderboard. 

Completely adjustable seat built to support your growing body, with 17 seat height settings and 7 settings for forward and backward positioning. 

For a fully immersive fitness experience, snag the premiere exercise bike with the Echelon Smart Connect Bike EX5. Enjoy a 21.5” HD touchscreen with a 180° swivel to move with you, or skip the console altogether for a more introspective experience.


The Inertia Wave 

Now on sale!

Ditch the battle ropes and step up your workout routine.

The Inertia Wave offers both portable and stationary options for a full-body workout that still manages to remain low-impact, despite the killer results that you receive. Simply anchor onto any set surface, and start working!


Jacob’s Ladder

Now on sale!

Burn calories much faster with Jacob’s Ladder for a cardiovascular workout that’s unmatched.

The continuous treadmill of the Gronk Edition Jacob's Ladder features ladder-type rungs with a non-motorized design. 

Benefit from full-body cardio and strength with a powerhouse system that arrives fully built and ready to go!


IRONAX XP1 Power Rack and Best Fitness FID Bench 

Now on sale!

This proven duo offers an affordable option for strength. 

Made of 14-gauge steel, this is a rack that can accommodate up to 700 pounds with a pull-up bar capacity of 400 pounds. 

    The reliable, solid foundation that you need for your barbell, dumbbell and other favorite exercises. 

    With an easy, compact and portable design, this must-have is ready to go right out of the box!


    Gronk Fitness Crash Cushion

    Now on sale!

    gronk fitness crash cushion

    Reduce noise, protect your equipment and save your floor with our easy and affordable Gronk Fitness Crash Cushions.

    Our crash cushions help ensure your home gym won’t have your neighbors filing noise complaints with your landlord or HOA.


    Xtreme Monkey Medicine Ball Rebounder

    Now on sale!


    Xtreme Monkey Medicine Ball Rebounder


    The medicine ball rebounder is a favorite of professional athletes everywhere.

    Enjoy the independence of a solo workout without sacrificing the critical parts of your workout. 

    It's like having a partner at home, allowing for a full-body workout with adjustable intensity for all fitness levels.  


    Xtreme Monkey Fitness Weighted Vest

    When you’re ready to take things up a notch, the Xtreme Monkey Fitness Weighted Vest is the quick, easy and affordable way to step up your workout.

    Enjoy the best-fitting vest on the market.

    This is a beast that’s abrasion and weather-resistant. Comfort and customization come first, with stretchable waistbands and optional body weights to amp up your workout when you need it. 


    Ceiling and Wall Multi-Grip Pull-Up Bars 

    Pull-up bars are an integral part of your workout - so much that we chose two different sets of pull-up bars to polish off your fitness with better finesse and pinpoint accuracy.

    With the Gronk Fitness Ceiling Mounted Multi-Grip Chin-Up Bar, you will build your back, sculpt those abs and broaden your chest.   

    Choose the Gronk Fitness Multi-Grip Mounted Pull-Up Bars for a monkey-style chin-up bar that will go with you anywhere. Its rust-resistant, powder-coated frame can attach to any appropriate surface to get you moving in seconds.


    The Ab Amigo Trio 

    The Ab Amigo Trio

    When you want versatility, you come to Gronk Fitness Products. When you want abs at home, you join us with an Ab Amigo. 

    We specialize in three custom designs for the Ab Amigo:

    They’re all affordable, they’re all convenient and they’ll sculpt those abs, also giving you less back pain, a stronger core and a more effective workout.   




    Bumpboxx is the leading music boombox with a colorful retro design and unbelievable sound to amp up the intensity and keep you in the zone.


    No workout is complete without the tunes to get you going. 

    Bumpboxx is the leading music boombox with a colorful retro design and unbelievable sound to amp up the intensity and keep you in the zone.

    There are several Bumpboxx models to ensure just the right fit for you, whether it’s ripping some karaoke with the Bumpboxx Freestyle V3S or rocking out with the Bumpboxx Ultra

    There’s even the Bumpboxx Bluetooth Retro Pager Beeper for the gift of nostalgia on the go. 

    Whichever model you pick, Bumpboxx will build your own booming soundtrack to every workout, no matter where you are. 


    The bottom line

    Even in 2019, the International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association (IHRSA) was already reporting that we were moving toward fitness tech as a society. Fitness tech was the top fitness industry trend of 2019.  

    At Gronk Fitness, we’re prepared to help you achieve every fitness goal for your New Year’s resolutions.

    And if you need help or just a friendly word of support, the Gronk Fitness family is always here to help with expert suggestions and advice.

    LET’S GO!

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