Gronk Fitness XLS Leverage Gym
Gronk Fitness XLS Leverage Gym
Gronk Fitness XLS Leverage Gym
Gronk Fitness XLS Leverage Gym
Gronk Fitness XLS Leverage Gym
Gronk Fitness XLS Leverage Gym
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Gronk Fitness XLS Leverage Gym


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With this unit you will get one of the most versatile single station home gyms on the market. Our isolateral heavy duty lever arms are strong enough to hold up to 500lbs. This unit comes with a detachable FID bench that can be removed to perform a number of additional exercises. We provided a wide variety of accessories that can be attached to extend the amount of exercises this unit already has. Features we are proud of are the angled stainless-steel weight horns, added resistance band pegs, extra press arms settings, removable storage horns and improved padding material.


  • The Gronk Leverage Advantage: The use of lever arms creates the smoothest motion in any weight training machine and is the closest thing to free weights. The Lever arms have built-in safety stops that allow users to train to exhaustion without the use of a spotter. When finished, you simply set the weight down. This security provides the opportunity to achieve maximum muscle growth in the comfort of your own home.
  • Modular Access: The utility bench can be detached from the Leverage Gym to access additional exercises such as Squat, Calf, Dip, and Shrug using the arms and Low-row using the lower cable access.
  • Fully Adjustable Bench Design: The Workbench new design provides additional stability and allows users to adjust the seating area and Back Rest Pads at different settings with ease thanks to its unique Ball Bearing Driven Carriage.
  • Included Accessories: Lat pull down bar, compact bicep curl/row bar, single double D handle with carabineers





    WIDTH: 56"

    HEIGHT: 82"


    BOX 1: 49.4" x 17.7" x 11.6", 90.4lbs

    BOX 2: 54.7" x 35.4" x 4.9", 97lbs

    BOX 3: 48.4" x 22.4" x 7.9", 103.6lbs