Improve Your Golf Swing with these 4 Simple Exercises

Golf season is upon us! Resident personal trainer and golf enthusiast D.Jak walked us a quick golf workout you can do at home with limited equipment. Try this workout if you're in a golf league, preparing for an upcoming golf scramble, or have a golf buddy that you don't mind getting a little better.

First Exercise to Improve Your Golf Swing - Banded Core Rotations:

Banded Core Rotations for Golf Swing
Banded core rotations are a simple exercise that directly helps your core strength with regular use and also aids in your hip rotation. This improves your control over your swing and the foundational base that allows you to drive the ball straight down the fairway.
Keep your hands in line with the anchor and rotate from one hip to the other, mimicking your golf swing. Let your core do the work and try for 12-15 reps.

Second Exercise to Improve Your Golf Swing - Banded Romanian Deadlift:

Banded Romanian Deadlift to Improve Your Golf Swing


Use a slightly heavier band for a Banded Romanian Deadlift. This exercise is a great way to improve your posterior strength.

This directly translates to mobility, stamina, and power on the course and will help your swing remain consistent over 18 holes of golf. Or 36 if you're really having yourself a day.

Third Exercise to Improve Your Golf Swing - Windmill Slam

Windmill Slam offers hip rotation power and weight transfer training for your gold swing.

Now we're on to a more explosive exercise and piece of equipment: the Windmill Slam. This exercise leverages a wall ball to generate power from the core and replicates that weight transfer that takes place during your golf swing.

Windmill slams will improve your power and keep you more consistent with that transfer of weight.

Fourth Exercise to Improve Your Golf Swing - Partner Lateral Toss

Partner Lateral Toss for Hip Rotation with your Golf Swing

 Any heavy ball can be used for this partner exercise! We're sticking with the wall ball here. Grab your golf buddy and combine a bunch of movements that work your hip rotation, transfer of weight and engage your core.

This is another great simulation of of a golf swing and will have you adding yards to your drives in no time. It's also a great teamwork building exercise for your company scramble.


Any other exercises you find helpful for golf? Share them below!