Gronk Fitness Jacobs Ladder Named Best Cardio Equipment in 2022

Men's Health Adds Gronk Jacobs Ladder to Top Cardio Machine List

HUGE NEWS at the Gronk Fitness Office! The Gronk Fitness Jacobs Ladder was recently named one of the 18 Best Cardio Machines in 2022 by Men's Health, specifically for its ability to push your workout's pace.

What are the benefits of a Jacobs Ladder workout?

Well, here's how Men's Health describe the Gronk Fitness Jacobs Ladder:

Climbing a ladder isn't so bad. But what if that ladder kept going up and up and up? Suddenly, that ascent becomes a monstrous workout. That's the idea behind Jacobs Ladder, a self-paced machine that requires you to climb endlessly upward.

Unlike the StairMaster, Jacobs Ladder puts you on a 40-degree angle, which engages your core muscles and takes stress off your lower back.

"It's fun, because it's totally different than any other exercise you can do at the gym," says De Wispelaere. "The climbing action hits big muscles like your quads, glutes, shoulders, and lats, revving your metabolism and burning a ton of calories in the process."

 Check out the Gronk Fitness Jacobs Ladder here: