Gronk Fitness Adds Content Creator and Personal Trainer to Team

D.Jak Joins Gronk Fitness Team as Personal Trainer and Content Creator

What's going on Gronk Fitness! We are so excited this week to formally announce the addition of D.Jak to our team! D.Jak is a licensed Personal Trainer with ISSA and Poliquin certifications and is joining our team as a content creator.

D.Jak's focus will be on working with other fitness influencers and content creators, showcasing new and emerging fitness equipment, trying out workout trends, and anything fitness-related that we put on video.

When D.Jak isn't in the Gronk Zone, he's training clients at the Gronkowski's downtown Buffalo NexGen Fitness location. Follow Gronk Fitness and D.Jak on Instagram to track all the content coming from the Gronk Zone.