The Best Cardio Equipment For Weight Loss & Conditioning (Gronk Edition!)

What’s up Gronk Fitness!

Today, we’re taking a look at the three elite Gronk Cardio pieces and why we chose them to be a symbol of fitness and competitive success.

Now, there are a few things that these pieces of cardio equipment share in common and we would like to take this opportunity and show you how they can lead to the fittest, leanest and healthiest version of yourself.


All the Gronk Cardio pieces are finely-engineered machines that transcend beyond the physical aspect and help you push yourself mentally. After all, 90% of pursuing any goal is purely mental.

‘Get Your Mind Right’ is exactly what these pieces will help you to do since the harder you fight on them, the harder they fight back at you.

More than that, by pushing yourself mentally and overcoming your mind’s limitation, your body will finally be able to follow, adapt and grow.


When it comes to any type of cardio, it can be repetitive and stressful on the joints. Be it running, jogging, cycling, elliptical, they all share this common feature. Now, repetitive movements can cause serious long-term injuries and damage to the joints, especially if these movements are high-impact on your body.

That’s why we have chosen the Gronk Cardio pieces for their low-impact, joint-protection benefits and it’s surely a decision we will never regret.

Take the Jacobs Ladder for example. It forces your body to climb on an incline angle, minimizing or even eliminating stress on your knees and lower back. Likewise, the WaterRower utilizes the natural resistance of water to challenge your cardiovascular capacity without stressing your elbows and shoulders.


With most cardio pieces, you are fairly limited to what you’re working on. And while the goal of cardio equipment is to raise your heart rate, we tend to disagree with that statement. The goal of OUR cardio pieces is to raise your heart while providing a full-body workout that can help you lose fat, build muscle and condition your entire body within 20 or 30 minutes.

Even the Gronk Edition Air Bike fuses the beneficial elements of a traditional elliptical and standard stationary bike and creates one insane piece of equipment that will get your heart up there within seconds!


The best part about our cardio pieces however, is their versatility. Since all three pieces are commercial-grade, they’re perfect for home and commercial facilities alike.

In fact, as we mentioned earlier, the harder you push, the harder they push back which means they’re great for EVERY fitness level. Whether you are a beginner or even an older person who wants to get fit or you are an advanced or competitive athlete who needs to push beyond their limits, our cardio equipment can and will deliver.

Plus, their robust construction and premium materials promise long-lasting use even for commercial gyms that feature a lot of traffic and hundreds of clients every single day.

Get Your Mind Right

There you go! Our two-cents regarding the Gronk Edition Cardio Pieces that have helped so many athletes and individuals across the world to reach their fitness goals. Choose one that best suits your training style and personal taste and as always…Get Your Mind Right!

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