Stretch Out Your Entire Body With The Gronk Fitness Stretch Machine

Stretching is a highly underestimated activity that most people sadly neglect to perform frequently. The most “stretching” you’ll see at the gym is a few pre-workout DYNAMIC stretches that people often do for a couple of minutes. While there’s nothing wrong with that, STATIC stretching has a lot more benefits, especially if performed AFTER your weightlifting session.

Here Are The Main Benefits Of STATIC Stretching After A Workout

  • Pump more blood into the trained area and deliver much-needed macro and micro-nutrients to the muscles
  • Facilitate faster recovery and less chances of future injury
  • Expand the fascia and potentially facilitate more strength and muscle gains
  • Correct muscle or strength imbalances and rehabilitate injuries
  • Allow your muscles to relax, elongate and begin the healing process, especially after a grueling training session

Static Stretching: The Problem

The main issue with static stretching is that people don’t know where to start or are simple bored out of their minds when it comes to actually doing it.

Static Stretching: The Solution

That’s why, Gronk Fitness has designed the ultimate Stretch Machine, a piece of equipment that automatically sets you up for the proper stretch without worrying about messing up your form or doing more bad than good by aggravating an injury or underlying problem.

Plus, it’s just so comfortable that you can do it while listening to music, listening to an e-book or even watching TV! In fact, if we ever needed to recommend only ONE piece of fitness equipment for your home or gym, it would be the Stretch Machine. After all, it looks great, it feels amazing and it provides you with so many benefits by combining full body stretching into one single machine.

Here Are A Few Basic Stretches You Can Perform Daily With The Stretch Machine

  • Hamstring Stretch
  • Glutes Stretch
  • Upper Back Stretch
  • Lower Back Stretch
  • Lat Stretch
  • Adductor Stretch
  • Quad Stretch
  • Pec Stretch

And of course you can do many others, but these are just the basics to get you started. In fact, if you were to perform ALL these stretches for 2 sets of 20 seconds each, it would take you a little over 5 minutes to finish your full body stretching routine. Not too much time at all, especially considering how beneficial it can be whether you are a professional athlete or an average joe who seeks to sleep better, move better and feel better.

The Perfect Time To Get Your Mind Right

The Gronk Fitness Stretch Machine is the perfect equipment to help you get your mind right. Although you certainly could perform a variety of stretches while doing some other activity such as listening to music or watching TV, it would benefit you so much more if you tried to turn it into a type of meditating session. Try to empty out your mind, stop all your thoughts, clear your head and just get your mind right.

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