Push Sled – The Most Versatile Piece Of Strength Equipment

When it comes to the Push Sled (A.K.A. Driving Sled or Power Sled), most people naturally assume that its use is limited to pushing exercises such as the Sled Push or the Low Sled Push.

The truth however is that the Push Sled is the perfect training equipment, capable of providing Full Body Workouts with a potential to increase your strength, explosive power, condition, endurance and sports-specific performance.

Today we are going to take a look at FOUR Driving Sled Exercises that not many people don’t know about.

    1. Rope Pull

Simply attach a rope to the sled and start pulling it towards your body. You can either pull with one arm at a time or two arms simultaneously. When the Sled is right in front of you, push it right back to the start position and repeat for time.

    2. Chest Press

An absolutely fantastic movement for your explosive pressing power, the Chest Pull requires explosiveness and true strength, especially as you boost that weight. It’s very similar to Plyo Pushups but also works your legs, core and stabilization.

    3. Backwards Push

Although a bit awkward to get used at first, the Backwards Push is a terrific exercise for your posterior strength, including your glutes, quads and hamstrings and combined with the regular Sled Push, it will restore balance to your body.

    4. Back Row

All you have to do is attach a training band and start rowing the sled towards your body. When the sled is in front of your body, either push it back up to the starting position OR switch directions and keep rowing in a circular pattern.

Here Are 6 MORE Power Sled Movements That You Need To Be Doing!

    1. Sled Push

Add a few plates on the sled and push it over a distance, rotate it and push it back to the starting position.

    2. Low Sled Push

Grab the poles much lower and perform the exercise with a much more bent-over torso position than before. Amazing for training the glutes, quads and shoulders.

    3. Sled Pull

Attach the harness attachment on the sled, grab the harness and start pulling the sled over a distance. You can combine it with the previous exercises by pushing the sled at first and then pulling it on the way back to the starting position using the harness.

    4. Sled Row

Grab the harness like before but instead of turning your back to the sled and pulling, face the sled and start rowing it towards you. Take a few steps back and keep rowing. Excellent for targeting the entire back and biceps.

    5. Landmine Press

Attach a barbell to the sled and perform the classic Landmine Press, one of the best exercises to train your upper chest and delts, as well as to develop unmatched tricep pressing power.

    6. Landmine Twist

Attach a barbell to the sled like before and perform a rotary motion to move the barbell across your body from side to side. This functional movement is intense and will fry up those abs and obliques like nothing else.

Get Your Mind Right

So, don’t ever make up excuses, saying that the Push Sled is not versatile enough for your training needs. The truth is, it couldn’t be ANY MORE versatile!

But before you go buying a Push Sled for your home gym or fitness center, be sure to…Get Your Mind Right!

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