New Year – New You! | How To Become The BEST YOU In 2018

“Starting January the 1st, I am going to go on a diet.”

“Starting January, I am going to start training harder.”

“Starting this New Year, I am going to change…”

Can you spot what all these “promises” above have in common? It’s exactly that; it’s promises, it’s resolutions, it’s a form of bargaining between you and you, and quite frankly they are unnecessary.

The right time to start changing is RIGHT NOW. Definitely not next week or next month or starting January 2018. You’ve had it in your mind for weeks or months now but you decided you wanted to wait until the start of the New Year to start doing something about it. Why?

You could have started months ago and you would have made significant progress by now. So what is the real reason you’re waited until the New Year to start making a change? Probably motivation, right? Everybody is doing it, it’s a new year thing, new rules, new goals, new you. This is all fine and dandy but if that’s the case, can you explain why 95% of people who get on board in January eventually drop out in February or March? Is it a lack of motivation?

No. It’s because all these people started doing it for the wrong reasons and with the wrong MINDSET.

There is absolutely nothing wrong in starting your fitness journey with the New Year. There’s nothing wrong if you haven’t adhered to a strict training program and diet for a few months or even years. It’s fine if you want to get BACK on the wagon and restart your fitness journey. Just don’t do it for the wrong reasons and don’t do it before you fix your mind on your new goals.

So how can you stay on the fitness wagon for longer? Or…forever?

It all comes down to adopting the right mindset. The right mindset will set you on your way to getting results. Results lead to motivation which leads to the right mindset and the “vicious” circle continues for as long as you want.

The truth is that finding the right training program or the right meal plan for your goals is not a difficult task. Whether your goals include muscle gain, strength building, weight loss or increasing your athletic potential, remember that all these goals have two things in common; persistence and patience.

It’s not the RIGHT meal plan and workout regimen that’s going to help you make a change. Almost any form of exercise is bound to be successful if you can STICK with it for enough time to make it effective. There are many articles and sources out there on the right programs and nutrition tips for your goals. Most people however, are having trouble following them and sticking with them for extended periods of time.

So, with 2018 upon us, are you ready to commit and make a long-lasting change? First thing to cross of your to-do list should be identifying your goals for the New Year. After you identify those goals, find the tools that are going to help you reach your goals. Do some research and find the best training routine, the best meal plan, even the best training facility and equipment that will help you grow stronger, bigger and leaner. Here at Gronk Fitness, we are going to be helping with that as well by providing you with more information on all these topics.

And remember! After you’ve identified your goals and discovered the best tools to reach them, GET YOUR MIND RIGHT, EXPLODE, GRIND & LOCK THOSE RESULTS IN!

…and then keep on grinding!

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