More Reasons to Love the WaterRower

What’s up, Gronk Fitness family!

We had a chance to visit the WaterRower factory this summer, and all we can say is WOW!

The process and care that goes into each and every step of the machine is astounding. We documented it here so you can see the immaculate care and attention to detail that goes into every machine. 

waterrower factory


The design

Let’s start with the WaterRower's renowned design. 

These machines are the perfect blend of style, luxury, and fitness. They are all handmade in the coastal New England town of Warren, Rhode Island, using the finest sustainable hardwoods. Materials are exclusively and ethically sourced from the Appalachian Mountain region, where planting rates exceed harvest rates.

Waterrower factory


The unique WaterFlywheel has been designed to reproduce the precise physical dynamics of a rowing a boat.

This is the surest way to replicate the physiological benefits and aesthetic pleasure of rowing.

Like rowing, the WaterFlywheel does not apply resistance to you; rather, you apply resistance to it, because the harder you row, the faster you move. You are in full control.

It's a user-friendly design for everyone, regardless of age, sex, size of level of fitness.



waterrower flywheel


Small space? No problem. They can be easily stored in an upright position no wider than a dining room chair and can be easily laid out for a quick indoor rowing exercise session.


indoor rower by waterrower


Benefits of the WaterRower

So, what are some of the physical benefits of the WaterRower?

Joint Friendly - Rowing is the best exercise for arthritis. Rowing moves the joints through a full range of motion and does so with minimal impact, making it one of the best exercises for joint pain sufferers. Rowing is a seated exercise that removes the weight of the body from the injury-prone joints of the ankle, hip, and knees. The load placed on the joints is controlled by the users' effort when rowing, not their body weight. Rowing is suitable for all, young or old, male or female, big or small, fit or unfit.

Low Impact - Rowing moves the joints through a full range of motion, from legs fully extended to fully contracted and arms fully contracted to fully extended. Moving the joints through a full range of motion aids joint lubrication, joint mobility, and overall joint health. Rowing is a smooth, flowing action involving little to no impact on the joints. Many mechanical rowers are jerky and jarring on the joints, and fail to emulate the smoothness of rowing and the WaterRower.

Works Nearly 84% of Muscle Mass - The rowing stroke uses muscle mass from the tips of the fingers holding the handle, to the balls of the feet connected to the footboard, all the muscles between these two points contribute to the rowing stroke. By maximizing the muscle mass contributing to the exercise, the WaterRower is unrivaled in benefit derived per unit of time. Other common aerobic exercise equipment (such as treadmills, cycles, ellipticals, even other rowing machines) use far less muscle mass, burn fewer calories, and generate less exercise benefit.

Burn More Calories in Less Time - By spreading work over a wide range of muscles, rowing consumes calories in more muscles, allowing a high-calorie consumption within the user's limits of fatigue, up to 1000 calories per hour! Other exercises, recruiting fewer muscles, require far higher intensities or exercise to achieve the same calorie consumptions as rowing.



Gronk on Rower by waterrower


Have a gym? The WaterRower is a perfect addition.

COST EFFECTIVE - The WaterRower’s cost per user seat is amongst the lowest in the industry. There is no main power needed and no need for lubrication or cleaning flywheel.

QUIET AND UNINTRUSIVE - Facilities with as many as 30 machines speak of the hypnotically welcoming sound.

ULTIMATE CROSS-TRAINER - Long renowned as the PERFECT AEROBIC Exercise, the WaterRower is unmatched with its ability to burn calories within a perceived level of exertion. Low impact and body weight-bearing, the WaterRower is perfect for any user.

In a nutshell, the Gronk WaterRower is the ultimate piece of cardio equipment to help you get your mind right. It enables you to really focus on your workout without any distractions and allows you to exert yourself to the degree you’re up to each day. Want to break a PR? Just row harder. Want to take it easy and recover from a grueling session? Just row slower.

Either way, it is a great brand, a great product and a great workout.

And it's Gronk approved. 

Gronk Rower

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  • Mcelhen Yasa

    Love this! Thank you for sharing!

  • Marty Smith

    I own one of these. I HATED the conventional chain-driven machines. The noise, and the fact they just look ugly. This machine I love. The water sound is wonderful, and the machine is aesthetically pleasing. I know the Cross-fitters swear by the Concept2, but they’re a bunch of masochistic cultists!

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