Jack Up Your Abs With This First Ever Sit-Up Door Assist!

Do you…

  • Suffer from back pain?
  • Want a strong core?
  • Want an effective abdominal workout?

Well, do you? Because if you do, it’s time we let you in on a little secret of ours. All the Gronk bros have experienced a considerable boost in their core strength, ab gains and sports performance ever since they started using a simple piece of equipment.

People say “Sometimes simple is the way to go” and as far as core strength goes, this couldn’t be any closer to the truth.

In fact, most athletes and lifters in general tend to overcomplicate their abdominal training, thinking that “more is always better”. In reality however, you just need Ab Amigo.

4 Reasons Why AB AMIGO Belongs In Your Training Arsenal

1. Auto-Corrects Your Form By “Pulling Out” When Your Form Is Off

Cool, right? Well, you see this contraption is engineered in such a way that if you begin using the Ab Amigo incorrectly, it will pull out from under the door forcing you to correct your form to keep on crunching!

This is extremely important and essential for those who suffer from lower back pain, especially when they perform ab crunches or sit-ups.

The main reason why you get this pain, is because your body doesn’t know how to properly use the abs to lift your torso off the floor and it’s using the hip flexor muscles instead, something that is extremely bad for your posture, especially in the long term.

You see, the hip flexors are already pretty dominant and overpowering due to our everyday sitting and standing postures, so training them further leads to an increased curvature of the lower spine, leading to lower back pain and injuries.

So, by letting the Ab Amigo fix your form for you, you can be 100% certain that you are performing the movement correctly without any faulty recruitment patterns.

2. Strengthens The Abdominal & Core Muscles

Working in conjunction with the previous benefit, Ab Amigo and proper sit-ups in general, are the perfect exercise for core strength and development, and we’re not saying that lightly.

The sit-up enables you to isolate and target the core muscles like no other exercise ever could. And more importantly, it allows you to train your abs in a controlled manner. Sure, the leg lift and windshield wiper are great exercises as well but only once you master the basics of core engagement and recruitment.

The sit-up, or even better the Ab Amigo assisted sit-up, will teach your body how to train your abs, how to activate the right muscles and more importantly, how to NOT activate the wrong muscles for compensation.

3. Helps Increase Your Abdominal Muscles’ Size, Strength & Endurance

Hey, although sports performance, strength and endurance are essential, who doesn’t dream of taking their shirt off and displaying their fully-developed 6-pack?

If that’s one of your goals, the Ab Amigo can help you in this department as well. Particularly if you know how to implement the basics of progressive overload, time under tension and volume training, you can absolutely build a nice, blocky six-pack at home. And let’s not forget about that nutrition as well. After all, “abs are made in the kitchen”!

Generally speaking, progressive overload means muscle gain. Period. If today you can perform 12 sit-ups using the Amigo before you reach failure, and 2 months from today you can perform 20 sit-ups, you will have absolutely built muscle and strength. That’s just how it is. Same thing applies with volume and time under tension. Instead of performing more repetitions, you could alternative try to shoot for much slower repetitions or even more sets. Do whatever it takes to progress and the muscle gain will follow.

4. Easy To Use At Home For Effective Core Workouts

Nobody can argue with the practicality and convenience of such a compact and discreet piece of equipment. Simply slide it underneath any door and perform a few sets of sit-ups while you take a break from work or studying.

And the best part? It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, an intermediate or an advanced lifter. The Ab Amigo will challenge your core strength in different and adjustable ways.

Let us ask you this: how many sit-ups can you do?

If the answer is more than 30, then you’re doing them wrong! If anything, the Ab Amigo will teach your some humility, since it’s virtually impossible to cheat while using it.

That’s what we, here at Gronk Fitness, call a “true” workout!

So get Ab Amigo for your home or gym and as always…get your mind right.

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