Gronk Fitness Set to Open First 'Gronk Zone' in Boston Sports Club

Are you ready to get Gronked, Boston?

Well, you’d better be as the Gronkowski brothers are bringing Gronk Fitness to Beantown, and it is about to get hyped.

Gronk Fitness has teamed up with Boston Sports Clubs to create specialized Gronk Zones in gyms across Massachusetts so that you can start off the new year getting ripped like Rob and his brothers.

“I was fortunate to start working out in 8th grade and had the equipment to do it because my dad owned fitness retail stores. Fitness is my backbone,” Gronk says of the newly-relaunched fitness brand.

“I would not be in the situation I am in if I didn’t push myself off the field and in the weight room.”

Now you can train in the exact same way with the Gronk Fitness Program, available exclusively at Boston Sports Clubs. The boys’ “Practical Sports Interval Training Program” was created by the Gronkowski brothers based on techniques from real-life NFL trainers.

Do you think having four bros as pro football players and one a baseball player was just luck or good genes? No, it comes down to hard work and the correct training.

Combining cardio and strength training into an exciting experience that will constantly challenge your body and mind, the program will get you into the best shape of your life -- and help you stay there.

“In true Gronkowski fashion, it’s going to be a ton of challenging fun,” co-creator Dan Gronkowski promises. Zubaz workout wear is not required ... but it helps.

So, how does it work?

It’s simple but effective. The program breaks down into four workout classes that all take place in the specially-built Gronk Zone, which is designed to make you break out of your comfort zone. Once you step onto the blue turf, restrictions and self-doubt are left behind as you swing kettle bells, pull rigs, throw battle ropes and jump on plyo boxes.

But it’s not just about grinding to the max, even Gronk has learned the benefit of combining low impact exercises and recovery to every circuit program.

“This is what we're bringing to BSC -- first rate, professional and effective training practices, designed to help map out a journey to facilitate the athlete in reaching the goal of being the best you there is,” Rob says.

Starting with the BSC Wellington Circle location in Medford, MA, on Jan. 2, 2017, the Gronk Fitness Program will be available to all BSC members for $179 for an 8-pack of classes, $99 for a 4-pack and $32 for a single class.

Make 2017 the year that you kick ass, get hyped and dominate your workout goals! Quitters need not apply

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