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I’ll tell you, being a Gronk is not always easy. In fact, a lot of times people naturally assume that my brothers and I have built our strength and endurance the easy way around. The truth is however that NOTHING will just be given to you. You have to fight for what you want and eventually it will come your way.

Obviously strength training is very important for every NFL player but conditioning also needs to be at an elite level so that they can run precise routes, battle with defenders and make important blocks over four quarters. In other words, we need to be as cut and conditioned as possible while also carrying as much functional muscle mass as possible, which is far from an easy feat.

In fact, when most people think of endurance and weight loss…running, jogging or even cycling come to mind. And while these are great forms of cardio for many people, they CAN lead to some muscle loss which is less than ideal for a Gronk, or any NFL player for that matter. Plus, we cannot afford spending an hour a day on a damn treadmill, not to mention all the joint damage from the constant pounding on the treadmill or the overuse injuries that come with those repetitive forms of cardio.

So, to improve our conditioning and maximize weight loss without burning off any muscle mass, all 5 Gronk brothers use the Gronk Fitness WaterRower, a phenomenal piece of equipment for various reasons.

1. Full Body Workouts

Contrary to running, jogging or cycling that usually just focus on the lower body, the WaterRower is a full body movement that utilizes almost every single muscle group in the human body in a functional way. This means your heart rate will be elevated that much faster and you will be burning calories that much more efficiently.

Essentially, water rowing is a combination of a leg press and a back row, two of the healthiest movements for the body that can easily counteract all the sitting we do all day. It will strengthen the back muscles, including the rear delts, rhomboids, traps, lower back and glutes while also involving your core and quads.

2. Low Impact On The Joints

The WaterRower’s smooth action makes it an ideal conditioning tool. This way, you can perform low-impact workouts that improve your endurance without placing additional stress on your muscles and joints. Lord knows the body can only take so much.

In fact, the WaterRower was constructed with this specific idea in mind. Lifting free weights ON TOP of all the NFL work that must be carried out daily was simply brutal. You can only abuse your body so much before you start noticing a drop in performance or even serious injuries. That’s why the WaterRower is the ideal tool to train hard while allowing your body to recover from the previous games and sport-specific workouts.

3. Time-Saving Workouts

Gronk’s go-to workout to get in shape is an high-intensity interval routine. He typically rows for one minute at a fast pace followed by one minute of rest for a total of 20 minutes. This is perfect because it simulates the exact conditions during a game; bursts of performance followed by a drop in pace.

Alternatively, he’ll row between sets of strength band exercises to keep his heart rate up and get an additional metabolic endurance boost.

4. Self-Regulating Resistance

This rower's water resistance mechanism makes it unique among competing products. When you perform a row, the patented WaterFlywheel spins inside a plastic cylinder filled with water to create resistance.

This means that the HARDER you pull, the GREATER the resistance – similar to rowing in a crew boat or kayak.

In a nutshell, the Gronk WaterRower is the ultimate piece of cardio equipment to help you get your mind right. And that’s because it enables you to really focus on your workout without any distractions and allows you to exert yourself to the degree you’re up to each day. Want to break a PR? Just row harder. Want to take it easy and recover from a grueling session? Just row slower.

Either way, it really is a great brand, a great product and a great workout.

Rob Gronkowski

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