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When it comes to training for a sport or training in general, we always like to keep things simple. However, keeping this simple doesn’t necessarily exclude training smart. In fact, one of the smartest ways you can train is by utilizing Supersets in your training routines.

If you are at all familiar with Supersets, then you know that they come in various different forms and structures, so let’s take a look at the 3 most common superset types:

  • Basic Superset – Involves performing two exercises back-to-back for the SAME muscle group. (e.g. Bench Press followed by Push-Ups)
  • Inverted Superset – Involves performing two exercises back-to-pack for opposing muscle groups. (e.g. Biceps Curls followed by Triceps Extensions)
  • Giant Set – This is when you are performing 3 or more exercises back-to-back, targeting different areas of your body.

What Is The Purpose & Benefits Of Each Type Of Supersets?

Basic Superset

An excellent bodybuilding tool to gain size and strength. The first exercise of the superset will essentially pre-exhaust the targeted muscle group, while the second exercise will absolutely annihilate it.

With this type of superset, you are focusing solely on a single muscle group and you are utilizing metabolic stress in order to pump the muscle with metabolites, blood and oxygen, forcing it to adapt and grow.

Inverted Superset

This is a great way to train when you don’t have a lot of time, plus, it works wonders when it comes to restoring balance to your body through opposing movement patterns.

For example, instead of hitting biceps first and triceps second, you could combine both muscle groups into the same superset and cut your training time in half while increasing your pump and burning more energy.

Classic examples of this type of superset would be training chest and back, biceps and triceps or even quads and hamstrings. Essentially, the second muscle group rests while the first one is working and vice versa.

Giant Sets

This is the Gronk-favorite way of super-setting different exercises since it provides you with various athletic benefits. First and foremost, you are constantly moving from muscle group to muscle group which allows you to keep training and working on your cardiovascular capacity.

Essentially, this means that you will not be limited by your strength or muscle fatigue, therefore, you will be able to keep pushing through your workout, burning more calories and training in an athletic and functional way.

“Training with supersets is my favorite kind of training. It’s great for your overall strength, athleticism and cardiovascular endurance. Plus, it works great when I’m short on time, since I can destroy my entire body in 25 minutes or less” – Dan Gronkowski

Full Body Gronk Workout Using Supersets

  • Superset #1 – Bench Press | Band Row | Shuffle & Touch
  • Superset #2 – Chest Flys | Pull-Ups | Abs Combo
  • Superset #3 – Hang Clean | Box Jump | Side Plank
  • Superset #4 – Band Pull-Through | Calf Raises | Band Woodchopper

Perform all the exercises of the first superset in a row, with NO REST in-between and go through the entire set 3 times before you move onto the next superset. Do the same for the next 3 rotations and you will have successfully completed the entire workout (shouldn’t take you more than 20-25 minutes).

Don’t forget to check out the video above if you are unsure about the right form for each individual exercise and as always…Get Your Mind Right!

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  • Jamus Powers

    I just wanted say home much I love the workout listed above called the full body gronk workout using superset and functional training and conditioning. This workout really does do everything that I’m looking for now at my age. Not that I’m that old but being in my late 30’s my joints and muscles really don’t like the abuse of barbells and heavy bodybuilding routines. This routine left my body feeling pumped and my lungs and heart got a real workout while still strength training with functional movements so I can breakdown muscle but place lots of weight on my joints. I would love more of these kinds of workouts that blend conditioning, strength training through functional movements, flexibility and range of motion. Please send more my way. I appreciate your post.

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