Callie Bundy - The 1st Pick To Team Gronk Fitness

What’s up Gronk Fitness!

We are excited to announce that the Fitness Model and Trick Shot Queen Callie Bundy has teamed up with Rob Gronkowski and Gronk Fitness!

For those of you who are not familiar with Callie, she is a fitness model with a reputation that precedes her. Her trick shot videos have gone viral and have been a testament to her athletic abilities.

She has managed to build an athletic physique through years of lifting weights, sports-related workouts and intense cardio sessions. If it’s not become clear by now, she carries a mindset that is indeed very similar to the mentality of the Gronk brothers and Gronk Fitness in general. She firmly believes that she can accomplish anything and overcome any barrier and so do we.

Fitness – Physique – Mindset

Callie has established the holy trinity of traits that has allowed her to transform her body and become an inspiration for innumerable women and athletes out there. Her fitness goals, athletic physique and mindset of a winner are responsible for everything she has accomplished to date.

And of course she is from Connecticut which as you well know, is New England Patriots’ Territory!

Callie worked closely with Rob on a Six Star Nutrition shoot and it was right then, right there that she connected with the Gronk Team. We instantly knew she was not only amazing but also shared the same attitude and mentality that we’ve been preaching all along. We knew she would be an excellent fit for our team.

What To Expect From Callie

We brought Callie in to continue developing the sports training and mindset aspects that go along with fitness equipment. We truly believe that owning and using the right equipment can affect your entire attitude and therefore your fitness results.

You can expect a lot more of Callie performing intense workout videos, inspiring clips and various tips on how to train your body in an athletic way in order to develop lean muscle.

At the very least, Callie is going to show all the women out there why they SHOULD be lifting weights and what will happen if they do.

Also, she will be providing you with tips on how to become more explosive with sports movements, because we know that many of you don’t just care about aesthetic gains but also functional gains that translate to a better, more explosive performance on the field or court.

And don’t worry! It’s not all going to be about training, training and more training…We will be sure to throw in some fun videos as well!

It’s time…to get your minds right. #CallieGronkd


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