Build Your Grip Strength & Arm Size With Fat Gripz | (Works Almost INSTANTLY!)

What’s up Gronk Fitness!

Today, we are talking about grip strength and more specifically, how to strengthen and grow those forearms as well as upper arms, shoulders and chest, without really adding any more volume, changing your exercise selection or altering your rest intervals.

The solution is actually very simple and very elegant. Want to enhance your grip? Then, you have to CHALLENGE your grip. In fact, you have to challenge your grip more often than you currently do. Currently working your forearms once or twice a week? That’s obviously not enough.

The forearm/arm muscles are rather small, yet resilient muscles that sometimes require more frequency and constant activation in order to grow. Therefore, all you have to do is literally thicken your grip on all your barbell (and even possibly dumbbell) exercises with FAT GRIPZ.

3 Ways Fat Gripz Can Enhance Your Performance & Aesthetics

1. Fat Gripz Will Challenge Your Forearm Muscles With Continuous Metabolic Fatigue

This is a fairly simple concept to grasp. The thinner the bar is, the easier it is to grip it and execute any kind of movement. As the bar becomes thicker and thicker, your fingers won’t be able to “hug” the bar as easily, leading to more wrist, forearm and arm muscle activation throughout all upper body exercises.

Now, you are not really contracting or stretching any forearm muscles while using the Fat Gripz but you are keeping them in a state of constant activation, at least during your sets. We know exercises like the Plank are very effective at building your core, so there is no reason why Fat Gripz wouldn’t help grow your forearms in strength AND size.

2. Fat Gripz Will Test Your Biceps & Triceps In Every Workout

What does the thickness of the bar has to do with upper arms? EVERYTHING!

The thicker the bar is, the more work your biceps and triceps have to perform during your arm exercises.

Need more proof? Just give the grips a try and you will understand. You can use the Fat Grips with EVERY arm exercise, including curls, extensions, pushdowns, pulldowns and the like.

3. Fat Gripz Will Activate Upper Body Muscles You Didn’t Know Existed!

This is one is really interesting. You would assume that bar thickness has nothing to do with muscles further up the chain but you would be wrong. Your body works in fact like a chain (kinetic chain) and this means that you will be activating A LOT more muscles throughout your entire upper body by using thicker barbells and dumbbells.

Many people have reported increases in chest, shoulder and back size and strength after using thicker bar grips for a few weeks and it really does makes a lot of sense. Just the stabilization needed to execute the same movements but with a thicker bar will indeed lead to more muscle activation all over your upper body.

In fact, you can use the Fat Gripz with literally every upper body exercises and with many lower body ones as well!

  1. Bench Press, Close Grip Bench Press & Dips
  2. Pull-Ups, Chin-Ups, Rows & Pulldowns
  3. Barbell Curls, Dumbbell Curls, Extensions & Presses
  4. Lateral Raises, Flys & Push-Ups!
  5. Even Deadlifts & Lunges!

There really are no boundaries, especially considering that your forearms are muscles that can handle a lot of use and abuse. Just go wild!

And as always…get your mind right.

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