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Become Strong Like A Gronk With The Power Sled!

Posted by Kostas Kroustaloudis on

Become Strong Like A Gronk With The Power Sled!

Why do you train? Is it to burn fat and build muscle? Are you training for a specific sport? Are you trying to become as strong and powerful as possible?

Whichever the case, functional training should be a staple in your workouts. Just think about it for a second. What’s the point of building muscle and “shallow” strength if your actual strength doesn’t truly reflect your progress?

Not to mention how important functional training can be when it comes to preventing and overcoming workout-related injuries, bad posture and healthy living.

Power-Sled: The Not So Secret Functional Weapon In Your Arsenal

Functional fitness is all about training the body as a whole, instead of isolating and working on a different body part every day. Your best and probably cheapest bet to make that happen is by utilizing a Push-Sled also known as Power-Sled. The Power Sled is a compact and very versatile piece of equipment you can use both in your home gym and outside the house.

And if you own a gym or training facility and you DON’T have a few Power Sleds lying around, don’t expect any serious athletes or professional lifters to pay your gym a visit.

“Nothing beats a Push Sled workout.  It's the ultimate functional leg workout that builds muscle as well.  My legs burn like crazy and my heart rate spikes when I use the Push Sled. For me it also replicates the feel of blocking like no other exercise equipment.” – Rob Gronkowski

6 + 1 Epic Workouts You Can With Do With The Driving Sled

When it comes to the Power Sled, the training options are virtually endless, but here are the basics:

  1. Sled Push

Add a few plates on the sled and push it over a distance, rotate it and push it back to the starting position.

  1. Low Sled Push:

Grab the poles much lower and perform the exercise with a much more bent-over torso position than before. Amazing for training the glutes, quads and shoulders.

  1. Sled Pull

Attach the harness attachment on the sled, grab the harness and start pulling the sled over a distance. You can combine it with the previous exercises by pushing the sled at first and then pulling it on the way back to the starting position using the harness.

  1. Sled Row

Grab the harness like before but instead of turning your back to the sled and pulling, face the sled and start rowing it towards you. Take a few steps back and keep rowing. Excellent for targeting the entire back and biceps.

  1. Landmine Press

Attach a barbell to the sled and perform the classic Landmine Press, one of the best exercises to train your upper chest and delts, as well as to develop unmatched tricep pressing power.

  1. Landmine Twist

Attach a barbell to the sled like before and perform a rotary motion to move the barbell across your body from side to side. This functional movement is intense and will fry up those abs and obliques like no other.

BONUS Workout

As a bonus you can attach resistance bands to the sled and perform any kind of band workout you wish such as band presses, rows, woodchoppers, lunges, squats, delt presses and much more! The possibilities are endless.

And as always, before you even touch the Power Sled and aim to attain the power of the sure to Get Your Mind Right!

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