3 Landmine Press Variations For More Pressing Power & Strength

The landmine press is perhaps one of the best exercises you could be doing to work the chest with the muscles it prefers to work with; the triceps and the shoulders, while also incorporating the core for balance and stabilization.

There are two ways you can set up for the landmine press. Easiest way is to pick up a landmine insert which will make things easy and simple, since all you’ll need to do is insert a barbell in the rotational sleeve and you’re good to go. Here is the link to get one if you don’t own one already:


This is by far the most stable way to perform any landmine movement but if you don’t have one, you can easily improvise by placing one end of the barbell in the corner of a wall and then toss a 45lbs plate or sandbag on top just to keep it from moving around.

Now, depending on what you’re working towards, muscle gain, power or strength, there are 3 different ways you can possible perform the landmine press.

1. Standard Landmine Press (Strength Focus)

You will perform this variation while standing and with your feet shoulder-width apart. Pick up the barbell and hold it to your upper chest with both hands toward the top. Once in place, flex your core and glutes for maximum stability and then slowly press the barbell away from you without using too much momentum. By using this particular form, you will eliminate all the stretch reflex from the exercise and focus mainly on building strength and size.

Always be sure to lean towards the weight to not only help with stability but to place more emphasis on the chest without stressing your shoulder joints.

2. Kneeling Landmine Press (Muscle Gain Focus)

If you are more after muscle gains, then you need to make the exercise stricter by finding an ab pad or something similar to kneel on. You could do it without the pad but who wants to damage their knees, right?

This is more of a controlled and isolation type of movement, where all momentum is eliminated you’re working the chest and triceps without the assistance of your legs. Just make sure you are still flexing your glutes and core throughout the movement and leaning forward.

3. Explosive Landmine Press (Power Focus)

Now if you want to make the exercise really intense, overload your chest, triceps and shoulders and really work on your power and explosiveness, you will perform the movement one arm at a time. One arm at a time has the advantage of not needing as much weight to overload the chest and additionally, by staggering your feet, you’ll be able to use the rotation of your core to make it even more explosive.

By rotating your torso/trunk, you will not just make the exercise more functional by incorporating the core and obliques but you will also experience a deeper stretch at the bottom and a harder contraction at the top, which means this should be your choice if you are an athlete who’s after maximum power and performance.

However, if you still have questions or would like to see a detailed demonstration of all these variations, be sure to check out Scott Herman’s video who has included the landmine press as a staple in his workouts ever since he acquired the Gronk Fitness landmine insert!

But before you even place your barbell in the insert or start pressing, be sure to pause for a moment and…get your mind right.

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