Why Suspension Training Is So Effective | 4 Must-Know Reasons

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As of today, everybody and their mama have heard or have tried suspension training. And while most people are familiar with TRX training, there are many similar brands that offer similar or even superior suspension trainers.

So today, we’re going to take a close look at suspension training and cover the four main reasons why it may be an excellent idea for you, whether you are an athlete or an average joe who simply wishes to boost their fitness level. Now, if you do not currently own a suspension trainer, you could either enroll in a group class or GET YOUR OWN and perform your workouts at home, at the park or even in your backyard. As long as you have a tree branch, a pole or something similar available, you will always be able to blast a full body workout with many performance-boosting benefits.

Reason #1 – Suspension Training Goes Hand In Hand With Multiple Training Goals

It’s true. Whether you want to build muscle, strength or endurance or even if you are looking for a fun way to burn a few extra calories, suspension training is truly the way to go.

  • Build Muscle – Nothing challenges your main muscle groups as well as your stabilizers more than suspended workouts. In fact, many of the exercises are so hard that require easier progression in order to acclimate your body slowly and gradually. This means there is a lot of potential for progressive overload and fast muscle growth.
  • Build Strength – Since many of the exercises are quite difficult to perform, strength and power gains are inevitable. Have you ever tried suspended push-ups, inverted rows or hamstring curls? To say they are challenging would be an understatement.
  • Boost Endurance – Although endurance training is not usually associated with suspension workouts, you can easily modify your training to meet that goal as well. Simply choose a bunch of different compound exercises and perform them in a loop for 3-4 rounds. That ought to get your heart rate up and your body in that “fat burning” zone.

Reason #2 – Suspension Training Is Great For Your Joints & Your Posture

As long as you complete a full body workout with various different movements, you should not be worried about imbalances or missing out on specific movement patterns. In fact, many suspended exercises include hip twists, spinal rotations, extensions, crunches and even explosive movements that will challenge not only your major muscle groups but also those small, often-neglected stabilizing muscles that are responsible for good posture and keeping you injury-free.

You will absolutely find suspended rows to be much harder than standard rows and push-ups or dips to be far more difficult that their standard counterparts. Your body has to make a tremendous amount of effort to stabilize every single joint while you are performing your movements which is why suspension training is often a tool used by physical therapists and sports coaches while rehabilitating their athletes.

 Reason #3 – You Will NEVER Be Bored With Suspension Training

There are only so many exercises and workouts that you can do with a set of dumbbells and a barbell. Suspended training however includes tons of different exercises and exercise variations that will keep your body guessing for years to come.

And hey! Most of those exercises are FUN to perform. Almost nobody gets excited about pushing through a set of floor push-ups but add a suspension trainer in the mix and everything changes. Now, you can perform push-ups in the air and combine that with a torso rotation after every repetition to spice things up.

The truth is that if you ever think that you’ve exhausted your options when it comes to suspension training, you simply haven’t looked hard enough. There are always new exercises and new twists you can incorporate in your workouts to keep your mind busy and your body growing for a long time!

Reasons #4 – The Perfect Opportunity To Get Your Mind Right

Instead of hopping from machine to machine or barbell to bench station, getting distracted by lifters all around the gym, you only need one piece of equipment and that’s your Suspension Trainer. If your gym has one, that’s GREAT. If you want to invest in one for your home gym, that’s even greater.

Remember that with suspension training, you can have your workout whenever you want, wherever you want. In fact, this is exactly what many athletes need to stay focused and concentrated on their “mission” which is to get their workout done.

If you feel like you are constantly getting distracted and don’t have a plan to keep you grounded, perhaps Suspension Training is exactly what your body - and mind - needs.

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