Top 5 Lower Body Mobility Exercises (Cut Recovery Time In Half!)

Today we’re going to talk about some recovery tips, but more specifically how to recover faster and stay loose when it comes to high frequency squatting!

Especially if you have hip pain when squatting all you have to do is 1 – 2 sets of 15 – 20 seconds of these 5 exercises and then repeat the same warm-ups between your sets as well. In fact, if you took advantage of rolling between SETS, I bet you would find that your squat strength will increase much faster for the very reason that it’s a lot easier to get deeper into a warm muscle than a cold one to help it loosen up.

Of course you will need a Foam Roller for most of these exercises, so be sure to GET ONE if you don’t own one already.

Exercise 1: Glutes

Sit on the roller and move your entire body up and down until the roller reaches your lower back at the top and your hamstring at the bottom.

Exercise 2: Hamstrings

Once done with the glutes, begin to roll from the bottom of your glutes to basically under your knee cap and repeat this motion slowly going back and forth for 15 – 20 seconds.

Exercise 3: Quads

For this you’re going to basically do the same range you did for hamstrings, except now you’re moving from your knee cap to the top of your hip and then repeating again in a slow and controlled manner.

Exercise 4: Inner Thighs

This can be a bit trickier than the others. You have to lay almost across the roller so you can get deep in your inner thigh.  But once in place you’re going to move up and down the entire inner thigh in a slow and controlled.

Exercise 5: Hips

This is the most important and usually the most painful exercise for me. But what you’re going to do is roll from basically your waist to your knee all while staying vertical on the roller. Now, it might take some time to learn how to balance properly here, but basically if you’re doing it and doing it right, it should hurt.

And of course, remember to do BOTH SIDES of every muscle EVEN if the other side doesn’t hurt or doesn’t feel tight. Also, you may not have to repeat all 5 warm-ups between all your squat sets, but definitely do the one or two that’re going to be the most beneficial for you. In my case, I am hitting both sides of my hips and my glutes between every set of squats, or at least until I don’t feel any more pain.

And as always…get your mind right!

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