Top 10 Exercises You Can Do With Just A Bench (Home Or Gym)

What’s up Gronk Fitness!

Many of you have commented that you don’t have a lot of room in your home gym for multiple training equipment and different machines. So, if you could only fit ONE piece of equipment, which one would it be and why?

Well, our choice is the bench and not just any bench…The Gronk Fitness FID Bench!


  • It’s multi-adjustable (Flat – Incline – Decline)
  • It’s comfortable & supportive
  • It’s got wheels for mobility & storage
  • It allows you to perform dozens of exercises in a limited space
  • It’s compatible with a couple different Bench Attachments

Now, the following exercises are not just the TOP 10 Bench Exercises you can do, but together, they actually constitute a rather BRUTAL Upper Body Workout you can perform at home or even at the gym…because let’s face it, running from equipment to equipment can sometimes be rather awkward, especially if your gym is particularly crowded.

BRUTAL Full Upper Body Workout 

  1. Incline Dumbbell Press [4 sets: 8 reps]
    • The king of upper body dumbbell exercises! Choose a 30 – 45 degree MAX incline angle and pick the heaviest dumbbells you can have proper form with.
  2. One-Arm Dumbbell Rows [4 sets: 8 reps]
    • Row one arm at a time and make sure to pull the weight as high up to your sides as possible. Don’t forget to do the other side!
  3. Lying Triceps Extension [3 sets: 12 reps]
    • Also known as the “Skullcrusher”, this exercise is particularly effective and more comfortable for your elbows if performed on a slight incline (10-25 degrees).
  4. Incline Biceps Curl [3 sets: 12 reps]
    • Set the bench to 45 – 60 degrees and perform your regular bicep curls but seated. The incline angle will emphasize the stretch on your biceps, tearing them apart and forcing additional strength and muscle growth.
  5. Dumbbell Pull-Over [4 sets: 8 reps]
    • Set the bench to flat mode and lie on the bench with only your upper back resting on the bench itself. The rest of your body should be hanging off the bench for a maximum stretch and contraction on every repetition.
  6. Seated Shoulder Press [4 sets: 10 reps]
    • Set the bench to 75 – 90 degrees and perform your standard shoulder presses. The seated variation eliminates the core from the equation, allowing you to focus on moving heavier loads with proper form.
  7. Tri-Raise [2 sets: 10 reps]
    • Finish up and fry your shoulders with a 3-in-1 deltoid isolation exercise. Raise the dumbbells to the side, then raise them to the front and then press them overhead. Just 2 sets are more than enough to finish your shoulder training strong.
  8. High Row [3 sets: 12 reps]
    • Set the bench to a slight incline (first pin) and lie with your chest on the floor. You will be rowing both dumbbells at the same time but instead of rowing towards your belly, you will be pulling them towards your shoulders. Perfect for the rear delts, the traps and the entire upper back.
  9. Bench Dips [3 sets: 20 reps]
    • Set the bench to flat and get ready to exhaust your entire upper body. Perform 3 sets of 20 fast reps to completely destroy your triceps and chest.
  10. Russian Twists/Sit-Ups [4 sets: 15 reps]
    • Set the bench to decline, secure your feet under the leg pad, grab a 45lbs plate and prepare to fry your entire core. For this exercise, you will be crunching like a standard decline sit-up but you will also be rotating your trunk from side to side like a Russian twist as you crunch up and down. Complete 15 reps if possible or lower the weight!

Plus, you can also get the Preacher Curl Attachment and the Leg Curl/Extension Attachment in order to target your biceps from a different angle and be able to train your quads and hamstrings without running all the way to the gym.

There you have it! One grueling workout to jumpstart your metabolism, force extra muscle and strength growth and most importantly, get your mind right.

Training is crucial to reaching your fitness goals. The Gronk Fitness Functional line of fitness accessories is built by NFL athletes to give other athletes the tools needed to train to become explosive. Commercial grade products built Gronk Strong.

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