The ONLY Way To Achieve Your Goals In 2019

What’s up Gronk Fitness!

2019 is here! New year, new goals, right? Well, many of us were anxious to leave the past year behind and embrace a new and productive year, hopefully full of achievements and progress.

Having said that, it’s a fact of life that the vast majority of people who set new goals for the new year fail to reach them or end up stop pursuing them by the end of February. Why? One word…commitment.

Make A Commitment – Rejoice In The Results!

All it takes to achieve a goal is to make a serious commitment. A commitment is something that will keep you bound to your objective and will help you regain focus every time you are led astray by life’s temptations.

Now, when it comes to fitness goals, sports and weightlifting, you don’t even need a long-term commitment. All you need is to commit for 60 days. After all, all it takes to form a habit is 60 days!

Habits Vs Instant Habits

Understanding the difference between the two is very simple. For example, an instant habit would be deciding to walk to work from now on, instead of taking the car or preparing your gym bag the night before your workout. This type of habit is formed instantly and your brain is able to directly make the new association and enforce it.

When it comes however to more complex decisions, such as taking your fitness seriously or building some serious strength and muscle over the course of the next year, your brain needs to be constantly stimulated for at least a month, in order to establish the new connection and reinforce the new pattern.

So, all you need to do is make a commitment for 60 days. Create a diet and workout plan and no matter what, STICK with it for 2 months. You will find that after the first 30 or 40 days, you will no longer have to force yourself to hit the gym. Instead, you will start looking forward to visiting the gym and subjecting yourself to more and more strenuous lifting.

After all, fitness is more than just a word. It’s a lifestyle, a state of mind.

Get Your Mind Right

We might be throwing this tagline in almost every blog but there is a good reason for it.

Most people tend to find excuses, limitations and obstacles when it comes to any personal goal, making them feel better for abandoning that goal and embracing failure. The truth however is that THE ONLY OBSTACLE IS YOUR MINDSET.

You need to stop making thoughts such as “I will fix my body” or “I will become strong” and start thinking “I will improve”, “I must improve” or even “I can improve”. It’s a subtle difference that can make or break your mentality in every aspect of your life.

The truth is that anyone around you who seems smarter, stronger or more accomplished is really NOT. They’re simply in a better state of mind. They managed to get their mind right and make success part of their life.

So, don’t let these days go to waste. Use the coming days as an opportunity to think, strategize, construct a plan and as always…get your mind right.

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