The 8 Best Plyo Box Exercises For Athletes | Full Gronk Workout

There are many different ways to train your entire body and especially when it comes to ATHLETIC and FUNCTIONAL training, your options are varied.

Today, we’ll take a look at the Plyo Box which can easily provide a FULL BODY WORKOUT on its own with no additional equipment.

To use one, you need one! So, if you don’t own one, this is the time to gets yours! – Gronk Fitness Soft-Sided Ballast Plyo Box

Now, choosing the right height of your box depends on your current fitness level which is why the Gronk Fitness Plyo Box provides three heights (20’’, 24’’ & 30’’) in one.

Why Incorporate The Plyo Box Into Your Workouts?

    1. Boost Your Athletic Performance

Doesn’t matter if you’re into baseball, basketball, skateboard or surfing, box jumps will improve your vertical jump, power, endurance and speed. Plus, they’ll work on your conditioning so that you can last longer regardless of the intensity of your sport.

    2. Burn A Ton Of Calories FAST

Although jogging, running and weight lifting are solid activities when it comes to burning off energy, NOTHING beats a good Plyo Box workout. You could easily burn double or triple the calories in a fraction of the time, which is both effective and time-efficient. Good news for you!

    3. You’ll Be Building Amazing Legs & Calves

Jumping movement patterns enforce strength and muscle growth and build your upper and lower body like crazy. Box jumps in particularly will heavily recruit your quads, glutes and calves and will surely spark some insane growth in a matter of a few months.

    4. Build Balance & Coordination

Perfect for men and women of any age, Plyo Box exercises are essential for middle-aged individuals who wish to maintain their balance and coordination as they get older. There’s literally no better way to stay active than performing a Plyo Box routine, a few times per week.

    5. You Don’t Need Any Additional Equipment

All that’s needed is a Plyo Box, your bodyweight and the will to get it done! Even if your gym doesn’t have one, you can simply get your own for your home gym, backyard or basement and start jumping!

    6. It’s Fun & Non-Repetitive

Most athletic routines can get pretty stale after a while. You’ll be surprised however, with how many exercises you can do using a single Plyo Box. In the next part of this blog, we’ll provide you with the best 8 exercises, so that you can get a head start on your Plyo Box training right away!


  1. Box Jumps
  2. Weighted Box Jumps
  3. Toe Taps
  4. Weighted Step-Ups
  5. Rapid Jumps
  6. One-Legged Jumps
  7. Jump Flip
  8. Up Down To Jump

Perform each exercise for 30 seconds and complete a total of 3-4 rounds for a full workout.

Don’t forget to check out the video above if you are unsure about the right form for each individual exercise and as always…Get Your Mind Right!

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