Sand Training 101 - Improve Your Athletic Performance With Beach Workouts

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Let’s talk sand training. First of all, how does it differ from training on solid ground?

Well, simply put, it’s physics! When you train in the gym or outside, the ground acts almost like a trampoline. It simply absorbs force and shoots that force back, helping you accelerate and move faster and easier.

The story is much different with sand workouts though. The sand is comprised of many levels. As a result, you will be sinking 2-3 inches with each step. This means that for every inch of sunken sand, you will be running or exercising on 2 different surface levels. Consequently, you find yourself exerting a greater ENERGY OUTPUT and MUSCULAR STRENGTH to run on sand compared to solid ground.

What Does This Mean For Your Training?

Sand training results in an anaerobic shock simply because your body needs to discover alternate ways of accelerating besides relying on the ground’s primary force reaction. This is why so many coaches across the world insist on sand training, claiming that their athletes’ ATP storages in the muscle cells are depleted at a much faster rate.

But the benefits don’t start until you go BACK to your standard training routine on solid ground. After training in the sand, level ground training will make you feel like you’re accelerating downstream!

It’s quite similar to high-altitude training. Being unable to breathe properly while trying to complete a workout will help you a lot later, when you perform the same workout in standard oxygen conditions!

Sand Training 101 – A Grueling Routine To Get You Started!

All you need to perform this routine is an Agility Ladder System and the will to blast through this rough workout!

  1. Single Foot In Each Square
  2. Two Feet In Each Square
  3. Jumping Jack
    • Two feet jump together in a square, then jump out while moving down the ladder
  4. Cross-Overs
    • One foot crosses front and steps in square; two feet step to the side and then keep repeating, keeping one foot in the square, two feet on the side
  5. Walking Push-ups
    • Perform a pushup in each square as you move laterally down the ladder

All, alternatively if you don’t have an agility ladder, you can perform the following routine:

  1. 10 Minute-Run
  2. Jumping Lunges (part A of the circuit)
  3. Burpees (part B of the circuit)
  4. Clapping Pushups (part C of the circuit)
  5. Mountain Climbers (part D of the circuit)
  6. 10 Minute Jogging as cooldown

Once you’ve warmed-up with the 10-minute run down the beach, complete the four exercises as a circuit with no rest in-between. As soon as you complete one full circuit, rest for 1 minute and repeat the circuit 4 additional times. Then, use the jogging session as an opportunity to cool off and get your mind right!

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