Mindset Is Everything | How To Get Your Mind Right

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Mindset. Your mindset may very well affect everything you do in life, including your relationships, your work goals as well as your athletic goals. And while a positive mindset will help you reach those goals, a negative one will unquestionably impede your progress.

How The Mind And The Body Are Connected

Most of us tend to think of the body and the mind as two different things, and yet they are always connected. You’ve surely heard of the phrase “mind over body”. Well, this is definitely true to an extent. That’s because your mind does have power over your body, but only when you are able to control it. If you cannot control your mind, your mind will start controlling you.

Now, we all have negative thoughts at times. Having said that, whether we allow our body to suffer the consequences of those bad thoughts is an entirely different matter. You see, the body always does what your mind commands, consciously and subconsciously! You are surely familiar with those commands in a conscious level. However, it’s your subconscious that can often have a terrible effect on your body, shutting it down and preventing energy from reaching different spots.

Just think about this for a second. If your mind is stressed out, confused and out of options, your body becomes confused as well. It becomes chronically tight, prone to injuries and pain. That’s because the connection between your brain and your body is not something arbitrary. On the contrary, it’s your nervous system that makes the connection real.

3 Ways To Get Your Mind Right And Start The Healing Process

  1. Meditation – What is meditation? In its simplest form, it means clearing your mind of all thoughts. Can you think about nothing for the next 30 seconds? If you can’t and if you find different thoughts creeping into your mind, then you are simply too tense, too stressed out and anxious. Meditation will help you expel dark thoughts, clear your mind and reset your mindset.
  2. Stretching – Sometimes, there are literally energy blockades around your body which do not allow your energy to flow freely. It could be a tightened muscle, a pulled tendon or even poor blood flow in a certain area. Dynamic and static stretching can help improve your mood and mindset by loosening up the joints and enhancing your vitality.
  3. Focusing – Focusing is much different that meditating. With meditation, you clear your mind of ALL thoughts. Focusing is different in the sense that you only clear irrelevant thoughts. So, if your dream is to become a better basketball player, you need to start focusing on that goal. Even when lifting weights at the gym, you do it to enhance your body, build functional muscle and become better…at basketball. Focus on that. Dwell on it. Think about it and it will become a reality.

How Long Until Your Mind Is Right?

Well, it depends. Clearing your mind can take as long as a few seconds…or it could take months or even years. It highly depends on your character and your life. However, even if it takes months or years, do not despair. Setting aside 5 – 10 minutes before your next training session or your next game to get your mind right will have an IMMEDIATE effect on your performance.

Remember! Even a 5% improvement is an improvement. More often than not, that 5% is what you need to become the best version of yourself, unlock your potential and beat the competition. Take it one day at a time and don’t lose sight of your goals. After all, those who fail are those who give up. It’s not often that someone will keep trying session after session, day after day, year after year and experience zero progress.

As long as your mind is set, your body will follow. Besides…the only limits that exist are the limits that you set for yourself.

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