Gronk Pull-Up Bars Rated #1 Pull-Up Bars in the US

The pull-up bar is, without a shadow of a doubt, an essential piece of equipment for every home or commercial gym. Why is that? Simple. Albeit relatively inexpensive, it allows you to build a muscular, sculpted physique and improve your overall strength and power. Every Gronk brother and countless world renowned athletes have practiced, mastered and still keep practicing the pull-up on the Gronk Fitness pull-up bar and for a good reason…it’s the best pull-up bar on the market!

And we’re not just saying that. ranked the Gronk Fitness pull-up bars #1 bars in the US! Check out their review here!

You will quickly come to the same conclusion if you just scroll down and read the reviews under the product listing on There are literally only 5-star reviews and ZERO negative reviews. We’ve narrowed it down to 4 main reasons why this keeps happening and these are the same reasons why you will love your own pull-up bar, should you decide to purchase one for your own gym!

1. Safety First

The Gronk Fitness pull-up bar is made out of solid steel and it’s bolted flush to the support brackets that guarantee a ridiculous loading capacity of 800lbs! It makes no sense to get a cheap pull-up bar that’s going to rip off the ceiling or the wall and lead to a serious accident. So, if you think that at 120 dollars it’s a bit expensive, take a moment and re-consider the importance of safety and quality construction.

Plus, since the overall construction is so powerful, you can easily hang rings, bands or even punching bags from the bar and discover a whole new world of training without worrying about its integrity.

2. Train Like The Pros By Using Multiple Grips

Always performing the same old, boring pull-up or chin-up will get you nowhere. The difference between good results and extraordinary results comes down to targeting your muscles from different angles and with various grips. The Gronk Fitness pull-up bar allows for a wide or narrow, pronated, neutral or supinated grip to challenge your back, biceps & shoulders to the absolute max!

If your workout includes 4 sets of pull-ups, mix your grip choices up a bit, then stand back and watch your performance go up. Your body will have to respond to multiple different stimuli and consequently adapt and grow!

"Changing the grips works different muscle groups and will help your overall pull-up." – Chris Gronkowski

3. Ergonomic & Rustless Design

Consider the following; you’re training at home and you want to include dips in your training, yet you don’t want to acquire a dipping station as well. The solution is quite simple.

You can perform dips and/or muscle-ups on the Gronk Fitness pull-up bar since it has a more than decent amount of clearance space between the bar and the ceiling so you don’t ram your head into your second story!

Moreover, the entire contraption is powder coated to fortify it against humidity and scratches.

4. The Cornerstone Of A Full Body Gym

Although the name kind of implies otherwise, this pull-up bar is not just for pull-ups! Being functional and improving performance is what it’s all about and you can do that by not limiting your mind and your body to a certain way of thinking and training.

You can easily use the Gronk Fitness pull-up bar as a dip or muscle-up station and to kick things up a notch, you could try doing some reverse abdominals crunches which is by far the most hardcore ab exercise there is!

The only thing you need is a pair of inversion boots and you’re good to go.

Whatever the case may be, a quality pull-up bar should be the center of your home gym, around which, the majority of your upper body training should revolve.

Think about it…it’s the ideal anchor for pull-up bar accessories like gym rings, ab straps and elastic bands which can potentially make your pull-up bar the CORE of a complete home gym!

"Pull-ups are always a test of my strength. They are a challenge especially when you are 270 pounds. I always know how good of shape I am in based on how many I can do."Rob Gronkowski

Your Pull-Up Will Only Be As Strong As Your Pull-Up Bar

It’s as simple as can be. Having the right equipment can make a night and day difference as far as your results are concerned. So, if you want the quality of your training equipment to match the quality of your training, you should definitely go with the TOP rated pull-up bar in the US, built only with quality in mind.

And here’s an interesting fact! If you’re left dissatisfied with the quality of the Gronk Fitness pull-up bar, you’ll be the first one!

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