Gronk Fitness Scores A 12-Page Spread In Muscle & Fitness Mag!

What’s up Gronk Fitness!!

Following the exciting addition of Callie Bundy to the Gronk Fitness family, we are once again more than happy to let you know that Gronk Fitness made it in the October issue of Muscle & Fitness Magazine!

This 12-page spread is pretty much your ticket to get your mind and your body right with a brand new 45-minute training routine called “The Gronk Game Day Workout”

The routine is simply a taste of what you can expect if you enroll in a Gronk Fitness Programming class.

Gronk Fitness Programming revolves around the Gronkowski family’s secret training method called “Sports Interval Training”. Well, it’s not a secret anymore! For those of you who are not familiar with this kind of workouts, they are essentially high-intensity workout sessions, inspired by NFL specific training. That means they are effective, diverse and fun at the same time.

The point of these sessions is to take your body through something entirely new, burn the maximum amount of calories and get out of your comfort zone, all the while having loads of fun!

Who Are These Sports Sessions For?

Sports Interval Τraining is both for athletes and for people aspiring to become athletes. They are also great for the average Joe who wants to become fit, build muscle and lose fat, without straining their joints.

The workouts include multiple different compound exercises that will put your muscular and cardiovascular endurance to the test, but you won’t be lifting insanely heavy weights, which minimizes the chance for injury.

What Can You Expect From Gronk Programming?

While training in a Boston Sports Club, you’ll experience a game day atmosphere; hence the name of the workout! There will be team captains, huddles, all-out intensity exercises and most importantly, a chance to get your mind right. You can expect all the well-known Gronkisms including our “Explode-Grind-Lock It In” slogan that will surely help you take things to the next level!

The sessions are for those willing to push past their limits, become focused and earn their post-workout meal. In fact, these sessions are so legit than even Rob Gronkowski does not take them lightly.

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Have YOU picked up the October issue of Muscle & Fitness yet? If not, what are you waiting for?

 It’s time to get your mind right!

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