Build Your Abs & Core At Home (Just 10 Minutes A Day!)

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So, CAN you build your abs at home? And we’re not talking just about aesthetics here. We’re talking about muscle size, functional strength AND sport-specific endurance, as well as proportionate aesthetics.

Most people think that ab training is or should be complicated, whereas the single truth is that ab training has always been simple. If you want to build your abs, you have to utilize a crunching motion in order to shorten the distance between your ribcage and your sacrum. Of course, some side crunching is also required to build up those obliques and rotational strength.

However, as soon as you realize this truth, you most likely run into a few problems.

  1. You don’t know which exercises to perform and how to do them properly.
  2. You don’t want to get a gym subscription just to utilize all those expensive ab machines.
  3. You might be having some lower back pain, especially while crunching, which deters you from further ab training.

Ab Amigo: Your Best Friend When It Comes To Building Your Core Effectively & Safely

In collaboration with Ab Amigo, Gronk Fitness has released the first-ever sit-up assist piece of equipment that solves all the aforementioned problems and guarantees fast results…as long as you are determined to commit to daily workouts.

  • Worried about improper form? Ab Amigo auto-corrects your form by “pulling out” from under the doorway as soon as your form starts breaking up and your abs are disengaged. That’s because the stronger hip flexor muscles tend to take over and dominate the movement which causes back problems and pain. Plus, you are not really working your abs the way you are supposed to work them.

  • Worried about not maximizing your time? Ab Amigo allows you to essentially anchor your lower body, take your hip flexors out of the movement and focus on building up your abs, which includes size, strength and endurance. If today you can perform 12 sit-ups using the Amigo before you reach failure, and 2 months from today you can perform 20 sit-ups, you will have absolutely built muscle and strength. It’s THAT simple.

  • Worried about having to pay for a gym subscription? With Ab Amigo, you don’t even have to leave your house. Simply slide it underneath any door and perform a few sets of sit-ups while you’re taking a break from work or studying. And hey…if you can currently do more than 30 sit-ups…you are doing them WRONG.

Bonus Tip: Fix Your Posture & Heal Your Lower Back

If you have been suffering from a lower back injury or chronic pain that stems from a lordotic posture/anterior pelvic tilt (excessive curvature of the lower back), then the Ab Amigo is the perfect opportunity for you to start fixing the root of the problem.

Instead of keeping your lower spine neutral throughout the movement, initiate the sit-up by lifting one vertebra off the floor at a time. Start with your neck, then your mid back and shoulders and then your lower back. Lower yourself back down in the SAME manner, one vertebra at a time. First your lower back, then your mid back and then finally you stop just before your neck touches the floor.

This technique will engage your abs even further, while actively stretching out your lower back and restoring balance to your spine.

And as always…get your mind right!

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