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3 Trap Bar Exercises for a Strong Foundation

Posted by Rik Kaddouri on

3 Trap Bar Exercises for a Strong Foundation


Deadlifts and Farmers Walks: 

What's going on Gronk athletes?!  Building an athletic foundation requires brute strength and endurance.  The way I've always outlasted my brothers is by focus on for
Deadlifting form is crucial.  Be careful about adding weight until you've perfected the routine.  The Hex Bar helps you sit back as you're in a sustained area, unlike barbell deadlifting.  Notice how I'm sitting back and squeezing my glutes,  the hips and glutes start and end every exercise!
For farmers walks... this is a pure core exercise.  Squeeze your core and hips forward as you walk with control for 10 yards.  The little things make all the difference here.  Oh, and add some extra shrugs for the chicks during farmers walks.  I want your traps so huge that it blocks your hearing.

My workout:

Deadlift: 4 sets x 8 reps
Shrugs: 4 sets x 20 reps (Feel the burn)
Farmers Walks: 3 sets x 10 yard down and backs
Extra Tips:
Posture and form is everything
Sit the hips all the way back
Squeeze that core
Get Your Mind Right,
Dan Gronkowski

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