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MyoKore Suspension Training System


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MyoKore Suspension Training System

"Engineered for your Lifestyle" 

MYOKORE Trainer is the newest lightweight, portable suspension trainer that is versatile, compact, affordable, and effective for people to maximize their workouts.  


The MYOKORE Advantage (Why is MYOKORE Better)

The MYOKORE Trainer is superior in design and function from other body weight systems:

  • Our Dual Mount Setup allows the user to alternate between wide, standard, and close grip exercises; which lends to a greater number of available exercises such as pull-ups, dips, and muscle-ups. View Videos of Workouts.
  • Our Foot Cradles are designed to act as both foot and elbow holds, which allow you to do many more suspended lower and upper body exercises than the standard body weight trainers.
  • Our Quality and Safety requirements guarantee the most well made and safe product built from climbing rated carabiners, welded metal hardware, and seatbelt quality webbing.

MYOKORE Suspension System Includes:

  • Two Suspension Straps
  • Two Carabiners
  • Two Door Mounts
  • Two Tie Extender Mounts
  • One Carry Pouch


Workout Videos

Myology (n.) the study of the structure, arrangement, and action of muscles 
Core (n.) the central or most important
Coming Soon:
Bungee System - Connect the bungees to your MYOKORE and perform a great variety more of workouts.  

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