Gym Hammer
Xtreme Monkey Gym Hammer -100-3545
Gym Hammer
Xtreme Monkey Gym Hammer -100-3545

Xtreme Monkey Gym Hammer


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Gym Hammer 8kg

The Gym hammer is a serious piece of training equipment, predominantly used for crossfit training, MMA fighters and athletes
The gym hammer is a solid metal sledge hammer, designed for high impact training.
Gym hammer training is usually done by slamming the hammer into a tire.

Solid metal 8kg gym hammer - Silver smooth finish
Designed for extreme, predominately used for tire slams.
The gym hammer is ideal if you like extreme strength training, they are suited for Cross fit training and MMA training.
"You'll have a lot of fun with this, and develop functional power, ideal for contact sports and combat"
"The 8kg gym hammer is heavy hammer, I'd recommend this for strong experienced exercisers"

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