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Therapeutic cooling for your head and neck

The Catalyst Cryo-Helmet is a device that applies targeted cold therapy to the head. With proper use your Catalyst helmet may be effective in reducing inflammation from head injuries, lowering body heat, and lessening migraine pain.


  • Cold therapy for migraine relief has been a commonly accepted practice for many years
  • Many migraineurs report that they are able to alleviate their symptoms faster and sometimes reduce their use of medication 


  • There is no cure yet for severe or mild traumatic brain injuries, but cooling the head and neck can help manage symptoms such as headache, nausea, and sleeplessness after an injury
  • Evidence indicates that cooling the brain reduces the inflammatory effects that occur from head trauma


  • Ice baths and other cold therapies for recovery after exercise are becoming increasingly common
  • Evidence indicates that the addition of head and neck cooling can aid in the recovery process and enhance performance


  • Who hasn’t poured cold water on their head to cool down when it’s hot?
  • Rather than just creating the sensation of cold, CryoMax technology provides active cooling by drawing heat away from the body.


The Catalyst Cryohelmet is a revolutionary new product designed for head injuries. There currently is not a simple solution for applying cold therapy to the head. Conventional ice packs do not stay cold long enough and can not easily be applied to the entire head and neck areas at once, thus limiting effectiveness. Using CryoMax cold packs and designing a flexible insulating shell, we were able to create a product that applies cold therapy to the entire head and stays cold for a significant amount of time.

CryoMAX is a specialized cold pack featuring two types of fluid. The pink fluid transfers heat away, keeping the blue fluid frozen. This gives you a product that stays cold far longer than standard ice packs.

  • CryoMAX™ is reusable. Recharge in household freezer overnight.
  • UltraCool™ fabric is moisture wicking and dries quickly.
  • Insulating neoprene shell (contains no natural rubber – latex free).
  • Features adjustable straps for better fit and better thermal transfer.
  • All fabric and neoprene surfaces are treated with Aegis Microbe Shield® which cuts down on odors and kills MRSA 99.999%.
  • All parts are machine washable, line dry

How to Use:

Step 1 - Freeze overnight

Place the Catalyst Cryohelmet in your freezer overnight. Additional cold packs may be purchased and frozen for longer product use.

Step 2 - Bring it with you

To keep product frozen for longer period of time, place the unit in a cooler or Catalyst insulated bag.

Step 3 -Wear for 30-40 minutes after any practice or game. 

If product is being used for cooldown, wear for a few minutes on the sideline to help lower body temperature and return product to cooler.


  • Place unit on your head, making sure to completely cover the forehead.
  • Pull neck flaps around the neck and secure Velcro tab.
  • Grab elastic straps and pull behind head until Catalyst helmet feels snug and secure Velcro tab.

Catalyst™ Cryo-Helmet package includes:

Neoprene Shell
CryoMax™ Cold Packs in UltraCool™ fabric pouches with Velcro
Insulated carry bag and CryoMAX™ square to keep Cryo-Helmet frozen for hours

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