Gronk Programming

Train with purpose, Grind like us.

The 5 Gronk bro's training throughout the years has been short bursts of intense activity, emulating the conditioning and movements required of specific sports.  The results from the interval trainings blend low-impact sport specific movements, cardio, and strength building together.
Functional sports training is the future of fitness and we are leading the charge to become more explosive.  Our Gronk Equipment and Programs are tailored for current and past athletes to get their workout their body desires.

Sports Cross Circuit

The ultimate sports interval circuit.  Different stations will be set up for athletes to perform sports related movements, while moving through the circuit pushing past their comfort zone and into the Gronk Zone.  Stations consist of plyometric jumps, sled pushes, battle rope movements, pull-ups, rowing and more...

Battle Rope Interval

Battle rope workouts are on the rise.  They shred your chest, arms, abs, back, and glutes through a low-impact, high cardio workout.

Gronk Rowing

Rowing on the Gronk WaterRower hits 82% of your muscles including: quads, hamstrings, glutes, lats, core, shoulders, and back.  For the rest, athletes hop off the rower and participate in various sports performance movements to shred the entire body.


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