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Gronk Fitness Gym Testimonials

The buzz around the school is really exciting. We have 20-30 kids in here to workout out after school, and we expect huge perks when we get out on the field.

Kent Stukonis, Head Football Coach at Assebet Valley High School

[Gronk Fitness] designed something we can use long term, is multi-functional and benefits not only our male athletes but our female athletes.

John Magliozzi, Athletic Director at Billerica High School

Assabet Valley High

Assabet Valley's student athlete community got a huge boost from their custom designed Gronk Fitness gym.

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Stoughton hs

Stoughton High School worked with Gordie Jr. and the Gronk Fitness team for a new gym for their student athletes.

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Medway High School

Gordie Jr. visits Medway High School's Gronk Fitness-outfitted gym.

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Our new Gronk Fitness gym is a great social atmosphere to get healthy. It's spreading like wildfire in our community.

Dale Fingar stands in front of fitness equipment at new Gronk Fitness gym in Medway High School in Massachusetts.
Dale Fingar, Strength and Conditioning Coach at Medway High School

Working with Gronk Fitness was awesome. They came in and helped with the layout and design of everything, and now the equipment that we have compared to before is on another level.

Ryan Donhue stands in front of motivational wall at new Gronk Fitness gym in the high school.
Ryan Donahue, Athletic Director at Stoughton High School

Functional Area Benefits

- Group/Individual Training
- Multi-Use Equipment
- Lower Cost 
- Equipment Variety 

Functional Space Examples