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Power Lifting Platform - Frame

Xtreme Monkey

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The XM Deadlift OLY Lifting Platform is the ultimate way to dedicate a lifting area in your gym, garage gym or facility. The 6x8' platform is constructed using 2x2", 11 gauge steel frame that bolts together with gusseted corners and 4 internal slates to contain rubber and wood inserts. Utilize a rubber surface to provide shock absorption to reduce wear and tear on your equipment. It also dampens the sound when dropping a fully loaded barbell. You can use either rubber tiles or a combination of rubber and wood.

 *Peg bands included!
* Most be bolted into the ground to use bands on pegs
* Mats Shown are NOT included

 There are several flooring options for this platform:

1. As shown with two  4' x 6' Solid Rubber Gym Mat 3/8" thick x two units
2. A combination of plywood and rubber: Use a 2' section of rubber tile or stall mats on either side with plywood in the center

*Rubber flooring, weights, bar & strength bands not included.

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