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Create A Healthy Atmosphere In Your Gym

Posted by Kostas Kroustaloudis on

Create A Healthy Atmosphere In Your Gym

Nowadays, there seems to be a new gym opening  around every corner. But how does this affect the fitness industry? It’s simple. More gyms means more options and this plethora of options means more competition.

Which gym an athlete or a customer joins, mostly depends on the atmosphere each gym has to offer. Creating the best atmosphere is a combination of developing a healthy environment and bringing a certain mentality to the table that will impel a gym goer to keep coming back.

Developing A Healthy Environment

There are certain factors involved when it comes to a healthy gym environment. Let’s examine them individually.

Equipment. Having the right equipment around, is what differentiates gyms from random workout places. A gym needs to meet the requirements of all their clients and that includes bodybuilders, powerlifters, casual gym-goers and functional training athletes. Free weights, machines and functional fitness equipment should not only be present but also decorated in a way that motivates people to train and let everything out. The rotation of the existing equipment from time to time can help keep the gym looking new and inviting. Furthermore, keeping the gym and the equipment clean regularly will make the gym more attractive to customers.

With functional fitness becoming a trend these last few years, more and more people are looking into gyms that can support their training needs. If you are looking for both quality and reasonably priced functional equipment or if you want help on how to design a functional area with Gronk Fitness, contact us here.

Temperature. Setting the air temperature just right is very crucial regarding people’s health and injury prevention. Having too high a temperature is associated with a lot of moisture which is perfect for bacterial and fungal infections and it can also make it impossible for athletes to breathe easily which will impede their efforts. Set the temperature too low however, and it can make warming-up a difficult task, at least more than it needs to be. Cold temperatures can also lead to people getting sick which means they won’t be coming back soon, or at all for that matter. A general recommendation for gym temperature ranges to fall between 68-74 degrees Fahrenheit (20-23 degrees Celsius)

Humidity. In the same way as before, humidity can play a massive role in the workout experience. Think about setting your dehumidifiers at about 40-60% as this has proven to be the ideal range of healthy humidity levels.

Noise Level. Listening to music is considered a good workout habit as it has a lot of advantages which many people may not initially realize. Many gyms prefer to play music in the background to increase the productivity of the members when they are training. The reason why gyms do this is because music helps to stimulate and motivate the members to work harder. In any case though, noise level should not exceed 85db, as it can be both irritating and distracting in case someone opts for their own listening device. One way to reduce noise from the machines is by putting in Gronk M1 Water Rowers instead of Concept 2 rowers.

Staff. The staff members of the gym should be supportive and courteous, ready to answer questions or spot members if needed. They are there to help people make the most of their workouts. Before selecting a gym, most serious athletes and potential customers will form an opinion about the trainers in the gym and this can make a world of difference when it comes to their final choice. Therefore making sure that all of the staff is both knowledgeable and approachable is of the utmost importance.

Creating The Proper Mentality

No matter their fitness goals, every customer should be able to receive a unique experience from their training which will in turn, help them reach their goals. As soon as they walk in the gym they should be automatically locked into a mindset of focusing and getting work done.

And that is why most people are having trouble sticking to a routine or a gym schedule for long periods of time. Most of the time, they're not entirely to blame for giving up. Instead, it's the lack of motivation they get from their gym that causes them to quit.

Creating the mentality and culture of a gym is different for every gym. Gym owners must figure out what culture to create that is best for their clientele. Creating that aura of motivation and mental clarity can be hard, especially if you don’t have the proper equipment available. Gronk Fitness Products is the only fitness equipment in the market that can deliver that mentality. Stepping into a gym and realizing there’s Gronk equipment available automatically promises an experience and motivates athletes and regular clients alike to bring out their best self and concentrate their efforts on reaching their goals.


Coming back to the same gym for another subscription month after month and year after year is vastly dependent on the physical and mental attributes a given gym has to offer. The physical attributes might be more apparent and obvious and can determine the original decision of joining a gym. The mental attributes however are more subtle and transparent and require some time to sink in but that’s exactly what’s going to determine the long-term consistency of the clients, as well as help the gym create a name for itself.

In a world full of gyms, and with more gyms opening up every minute, make sure your gym is unique in a way that will set it apart from the raging competition.

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